Emma Orrick named Prom Olympics winner, wins two free tickets

Maya Winger

Prom Olympics is an annual event that occurs several weeks before prom, this year from Wednesday, March 29 until Friday, March 31. Students from the junior and senior classes compete for the top three spots to earn free prom tickets for themselves and, for the winner, a ticket for their date as well. The activities in the competition include cornhole, trivia and karaoke. Not only does the event generate excitement for prom, but it also entertains students during their lunch break, as the events took place in the gym during a rainy lunch, on the south lawn and in the amphitheater, respectively. Competitors even donned shirts that read “Prom Olympics” and “#rootsdown” to remind people about the upcoming occasion. 

Launching a bean bag into the air, junior Lindsay Reed participates in the cornhole event.

One competitor, Emma Orrick, who also competed last year, agreed that the event was a good motivator for students considering attending the dance. 

“I think [Prom Olympics] gets people excited for prom. It reminds them that [prom] is happening and makes them want to go because then they can compete and maybe get a free ticket,” Orrick said.

On the final day of the competition, students sang karaoke to songs ranging from “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys to “Umbrella” by Rihanna. Students in the amphitheater swayed and clapped along to the beat.

The winner was chosen based on a point system. Each participant received points over the course of the event, and the person with the most cumulative points by the end of it was deemed the winner. After three days of deliberation, the judges ultimately decided that the winner was Emma Orrick. The runner-up was Olivia Villanova, with Chloe Bishop following behind in third place.

Junior and Leadership student Ella Kaminski described the atmosphere surrounding the contest and summarized the unique opportunity it provides some students.

“As a Leadership [student] I’ve always put on these events but I’ve never been able to participate in them so it’s pretty awesome,” Kaminski said. 

Prom takes place at the San Francisco Design Center on April 22 and tickets are available in the online student store now.