Records Secretary Diana Fernandez records her last few days on the job

Sam Sumski

Making the 90-minute commute from Fairfield to Larkspur is no joke. However, Diana Fernandez, the Records Secretary, has made it every day for the past seven years. Through her commitment and work ethic, Fernandez has been an essential part of the counseling office. 

Looking into the future, Diana Fernandez is excited for her new career path. (Photo courtesy of Diana Fernandez)

“My favorite thing about this job was getting to interact with the students on a daily basis and help be a small part in their day to day life,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez appreciates how rewarding it is to work with high school students, as it is her job to take care of students’ full school records and transcripts for however long a student has been taught in public education. She works closely with Simone Davis, the Counseling Secretary, and over the years the two have become close friends. 

“Even though I have only been working here [for] two years, we have built a great relationship of trust, [and] it has been extremely fun and light at the same time,” Davis said.

Fernandez liked the counselors when she first took the job, but she did not know how much she would come to cherish them in the end.

“I was the athletic director at Archie Williams and then I was told this job had opened up [at Redwood]. I was not aware of the strong relationships I would be able to build with Ms. Davis and the other counselors,” Fernandez said.

Although Fernandez enjoys seeing her students throughout the school year, a highlight for her is senior clearance. 

“At the end of the year, all of the seniors have to check to see if everything is up to date and [if there is an error], correct their records. There is no way to describe the excitement of seeing [the seniors] off to college,” Fernandez said. “Even though students may be nervous, I can tell from the glimmer in their eyes that they are ambitious to do great things in the world.”

As future classes go off into the world, Fernandez will continue her career in the Solano County Treasury working in records. 

Staying closer to home and her family, Diana Fernandez will be leaving Redwood and starting her new job. (Photo courtesy of Diana Fernandez)

“The hour-and-a-half drive started to take a big hit on me, and I realized it was time to move on to something new,” Fernandez said. “I am extremely ecstatic to start the new chapter of my life in something different, but I am very sad to be leaving the students and the counselors that I have become very close with.” 

Coming to the realization that she will never work with Fernandez again, Davis is grateful for the good times she had with her.

“We both know so much about the flow of this office [and] it was nice to have somebody that I could look at and laugh with, without even directly talking,” Davis said.

Even though Fernandez was sad about leaving everything at Redwood, she was happy about the fact that she could be closer to her family. 

“It was so great to be a part of the Redwood community, but I am so happy that I can now spend more meaningful time with my family and my kids as it will be easier to be there for them on a more regular basis,” Fernandez said. 

Looking at the impact Fernandez left on the school community her value can not be underestimated. As Fernandez departs onto her next chapter she will be missed, but not forgotten.