Varsity tennis player Jordan Marotto is serving success

The girls’ varsity tennis team has been a smashing success in 2022 with a 22-2 overall record, a Marin County Athletic League title and placement in the North Coast Section semifinals. A key component to their success this year is sophomore Jordan Marotto, who is the girls’ varsity team’s No. 1 singles player. Marotto has about seven years of training with her coaches at various clubs including Mt. Tam Racquet Club. She is committed and deeply passionate about the sport which has made her an asset to the team. 

Holding the Marin County Athletic League banner proudly, Marotto supports the team in their county title. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Marotto)

As the No. 1 seed, she has practice every week. Fall season practices are a little more exciting for her because she gets a chance to play with her teammates.

“Tennis is a pretty individual sport. [In the fall season, when I’m able to play with my peers], it’s nice to have that team environment, and be able to support your team and play for something other than just yourself,” Marotto said.

 In addition to her fall season, something Marotto enjoys about tennis is the flexibility of the sport. Whether it’s outside in the summer or indoors in the winter, Marotto is able to work on her game. Marotto has a private coach, school coaches, camps and tournaments to attend weekly, so it is important for her to stay consistent year-round. Marotto mainly trains with her private coach and attends camps and tournaments in the summer to improve her craft. One of Marotto’s favorite things about tournaments is the variety of players she is able to go up against. Marotto explained that in her tournaments, they set up matches based on Universal Tennis Rating rather than age or gender.

“In tournaments, you play such a wide variety of people and even if they’re way better than you, you still learn a lot,” Marotto said. 

Fellow teammate and friend of Marotto, sophomore Livia Klompus, has enjoyed playing tennis with Marotto and bonded with her during team practices and events. Klompus has known Marotto since fifth grade and has always been impressed by her skills. Klompus particularly appreciates Marotto’s positive spirit. According to Klompus, Marotto makes it a point to ensure her teammates are being supported and feel less alone on the court. 

“She’s so supportive,” Klompus said. “[She’s] always positive, always smiling [and] she’s always having fun.” 

Marotto’s drive for supporting others comes from her own support system, her teammates and family, who have helped her achieve her goals throughout her tennis journey. 

“My mom has definitely been a big supporter, but also my private coaches, my whole Redwood team and all my friends,” said Marotto.

Swinging her racquet, Marotto’s powerful backhand defeats competitors. (Photo courtesy of Marin IJ)

Additionally, in order for Marotto to keep up her positive spirits, she attempts to stay focused and calm during her matches to keep her mental and physical game strong.

“I try not to be super expressive during a match. A lot of people slap their leg, or they get mad [and] yell, but I just try to remain calm and consistent, both [when] I’m playing and mentally throughout [my] matches,” Marotto said. 

This mindset helps her stay in the moment and not beat herself up over mistakes. By playing a poker face, Marotto hides her emotions from her opponents and holds the upper hand. Marlies Zeisler, the girls’ varsity tennis coach, also noted that when Marotto warms up, she takes the time to assess her opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. 

“She’s our No. 1 singles player for a reason,” Ziesler said.

After many years of playing the sport, Marotto is able to keep her passion alive by treating it like a fun activity, rather than a chore.

“I love playing tennis, [it] has brought me so much joy and it has also allowed me to make a lot of connections with friends. For some people, it’s a chore, but for me, it’s [just] fun,” Marotto said.

Ziesler knows Marotto can go far with her tennis career. In the years Zeisler has known her, she has noticed her skills progress significantly. Zeisler recognizes the work that Marotto puts in in the off-season and appreciates her dedication. 

“She is ferocious. She is a tiny ball of energy. She has so much talent, and she plays the game with her heart, and her mind,” Zeisler said.

Marotto has proven her devotion to tennis and her coaches, friends, and teammates can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of her tennis career.