Link crew tests students’ trivia skills in lunchtime game

Stepping up to spin the wheel, a student eagerly awaits their question.

On Tuesday, Dec. 6, curious students stopped by the Mosaic Stage to try their luck at Link Crew’s lunchtime trivia event. Once the bell signaled the beginning of lunch, students’ excitement to spin the trivia wheel grew as quickly as the line did. The mob of students packed together on the stage, jumping at the chance to answer trivia ranging from golf ball mechanics to famous boxing champions, and laughing all the while. 

The laughter and enthusiasm present speaks to the goals of the event, as insight from senior and Link Crew leader Eleanor Titcombe reveals. 

“The goal of the event is to build a better community by getting people to work together. Sometimes all it takes is something interesting going on at lunch,” Titcombe said. 

This aim was most certainly met, as students from around the school were united by the prospect of fun and sweet treats. In high school, where it can be easy to separate into cliques, school community and spirit is as beneficial as it is important, and senior Link Crew leader Julia Hemley emphasizes that the Link Crew class kept this in mind when planning the trivia. 

“The purpose is to help different groups of people connect with each other. Different social spheres are pretty isolated, so we just want to try to bring them together,” Hemley said. 

Peering past the group in front of them, three students prepare to approach the table.

The event required a level of preplanning in order to succeed, especially when it comes to the goal of bringing students together. The planning process, while not overly strict, placed importance on location. The previous month’s trivia game was not able to make use of student hotspots due to rain, something that this most recent trivia game capitalized on. 

“In the planning process, our committee made a rough outline on what needed to be done beforehand — mainly drafting the questions and where [the event] was going to be. We couldn’t hold the last trivia on the Mosaic Stage, but now that we can host another one on this platform, it’s going pretty well,” Hemley said. 

Eyeing the reward for winning, a student focuses on answering a trivia question.

As numerous students pushed their way to spin the wheel, excitedly shouting answers over each other, it became apparent that this decision paid off. Students filing out of the Covered Eating Area (CEA) were eager to see what their peers were up to, and the lunch line gradually extended into the trivia table. The signs, challenging questions and allure of winning treats drew in the initial competitors, but nothing attracts the curiosity of students like an enthusiastic crowd.

Occurring in tandem with the stress-relieving activities of Study Week, this Link Crew trivia game is yet another activity that hopefully added a brief moment of levity to the intensity of Study Week, something that should not be taken for granted. Thankfully, the successful turnout of the event shows that the student body did no such thing.