Freshmen and sophomore class officer election results announced

Caitlin Beard

The results of the freshmen and sophomore class officer elections were announced on Nov. 29 at 8 a.m. Campaigning began on Nov. 18, and voting opened on Nov. 29 and ended on Dec. 1 at midnight. Candidates created Instagram accounts in order to extend their campaigns to social media and hung homemade posters in the halls. To increase voter turnout, many candidates approached students with a QR code linking to the online ballot. Students ran for president, vice president, secretary and treasurer positions. 

For the freshmen class, Hayden Schepps was elected class president, Madison Bishop won the seat for class vice president and Renata Lionetti ran unopposed and was elected class secretary. Incumbent Brooklyn Saputo was victorious and re-elected class treasurer, and is excited to continue her responsibilities as a class officer.

“I’ve always had a passion for fundraising and being in charge of things I understand like math and money,” Saputo said. 

After running for president last semester and losing, Anna Youngs decided to run again and was elected sophomore class president. Youngs loves being a leader at Redwood because of the opportunity to connect with the rest of the Leadership class and with the student body.

Lining the halls, campaign posters draw the attention of students walking to class.

“There’s a really good community in Leadership and it’s very welcoming. I love making people smile and planning events,” Youngs said.

Running unopposed, incumbent Audrey Markovich was re-elected sophomore class vice president, while Mary Coleman won the race for class secretary and Isabella Davis was elected class treasurer. 

As she takes on her new role, Youngs emphasizes the importance of class officers representing the interests of their entire grade. 

“I want to try a lot of new things and I just want to make sure everyone’s voices are heard and that I’m a good representation of our class,” Youngs said.