Families race into Marin’s annual turkey trot

Mia Ginsburg

The 23rd annual Marin Turkey Trot took place at the College of Marin (COM) campus in Novato, with runners participating in three races: the one-mile, the 5k and the 10k. This Turkey Trot was geared towards families, although runners of all different ages and skill sets were encouraged to join. Local dad Michael Amico was very enthusiastic about the Trot, despite the 45-degree temperature when he first arrived. 

“We just moved to Novato last year, and I wanted to start a new tradition for our family,” Amico said. “This Turkey Trot gave us a great opportunity to do that.” 

Amico’s friend, Chris Ospina, joined him in the race and emphasized the feeling of community that the Trot provided.

 “Mike [Amico] introduced me to the Turkey Trot, so I am here to hopefully start a new annual event with [Amico], my family and the rest of the families in the neighborhood,” Ospina said. 

The founder of Marin’s Turkey Trot, Jason Jacobs, described how the race has grown over the many years he has been running the event.

“The first year [1999] we had 60 runners register. That was before the Internet, so it was just from posted signs and talking to people. This year, we have almost 1,700 people,” Jacobs said.

The race gives proceeds to Novato public schools through the Novato School Fuel Program. Because of this, Jacobs considers the Trot not only  a superb way to celebrate the holidays with family, but a wholesome activity overall.

“Thanksgiving is a great day to go out and do something active, support the community, and do something family-friendly. With the heavy focus on community activities, there is no better way to start the day than the Turkey Trot,” Jacobs said.