Photo Essay: Saturday morning scrimmage against Miramonte prepares boys’ varsity basketball for another successful season

Dani Steinberg

On Nov. 19, the boys’ varsity basketball team played in a scrimmage against Miramonte High School. Although the final score was not tallied due to the scrimmage format, Redwood finished the first quarter taking the lead with 24 points opposed to Miramonte’s 18. Making the majority of their shots and efficiently moving the ball allowed the boys to control the first quarter. The second quarter was a tough fight as Miramonte refused to lose another quarter and played hard, ending with 22 points compared to Redwood’s 21. However, the third quarter differed as both teams played aggressive defense leading to a low seven to four score in favor of the Matadors. Rotating in different players towards the end of the third quarter and throughout the fourth, the team’s energy was still high. Unfortunately, Redwood’s efforts were not enough as they lost the fourth quarter 10-9.