Opening night of APW performances leave audience members eager for more

Lily Reese

Tuesday, Nov. 15, marked the opening night for the Advanced Performance Workshop (APW) performance. The Little Theater was packed with eager students, staff, friends and family members, all gathered to listen to this year’s APW students. Students sang, played drums, strummed the bass, played piano keys and so much more as a showcase of their semester’s work. The week of Nov. 14 started with a performance from the Intermediate Performance Workshop, continuing with the APW performances on Tuesday and Wednesday. Songs from popular artists like Adele and Aretha Franklin could be heard pouring through the hallways on the weeknights. With many more shows in the upcoming weeks, APW students urge students to try to fit in as many free shows as possible. To support the arts, check for upcoming performances on the Redwood calendar. 

Starting the night with “Dancing in the Moonlight,” Isabella Kraus, Natalie Silverman and Daphne Hale open the night with a perfect pop tune.


 Singing “Pool House” by the Backseat Lovers, Emma Orrick hits the high notes, starting the performance with a happy tune.