Foundation fundraiser anchors parent community at Sam’s Cafe

Sydney Johnson

Sitting atop the San Francisco Bay, Sam’s Anchor Cafe hosted the Foundation event.

To celebrate the start of the school year, the new principal Barnaby Payne and to form a closer parent community, the Redwood Foundation invited parents on Thursday, Sept. 29 for an evening gathering. Sam’s Anchor Cafe, located in Tiburon, provided a beautiful waterfront atmosphere where parents could enjoy live music and the sunset, all while supporting Redwood. 

Redwood Foundation President, Vicki Strotz, emphasized the importance of parents meeting educators outside of the school setting and how these relationships can offer a sense of familiarity. 

Hosting the fundraiser, Foundation President Vicki Strotz and Principal Barnaby Payne enjoy the night.

“It’s important for parents to feel like the principal is approachable, and likewise it is always nice for the principal to feel like he knows and has the support from the community,” Strotz said. 

Similar to Strotz, other Redwood parents also understand the impact of these community building events. Long time parent John Kenneally found significance in being able to meet the Redwood staff in a social setting.

“I think it’s an opportunity to meet some of the educators, as I had not yet met the new principal, [and] a chance to connect [with them] as well,” Kenneally said.

As parents become more engaged with faculty and each other, Strotz and the Foundation hopes the Redwood community will strengthen. 

“We want parents from different communities and middle schools to be able to meet each other. We want to grow the support for Redwood and to grow the spirit and make it feel more like a community [among parents],” Strotz said.

Kenneally further touched on how parental involvement and awareness can positively influence the school, providing Redwood its necessary funding and volunteers. 

“It’s important that the parents form some community so that we can understand what’s going on at the school and figure out how to support it,” Kenneally said. “It’s an opportunity to have fun and support the school at the same time.”

Bringing together a parent identity, Andrea Dyer meets and reconnects with other attendees of the event.

Parent Andrea Dyer further illustrated the positive aspects of the event, as it generated support for the Foundation, which Dyer suggested helps all Redwood families. 

“These events] are beneficial [because] it’s important for parents to know how supporting the Foundation helps our kids and community,” Dyer said. “Everybody wins when we support the Foundation.”