Get your study on with these three study spots

Pasha Fooman, Reporter

For most students, studying is inevitable. The experience of finally cracking open the dusty textbook and flipping through the slightly torn pages after hours of procrastination is near-universal at this point. There are a lot of factors that play a role in studying successfully and among the most important is the study location. After all, if you’re going to spend so much time doing something, it might as well be in a place that you like. For many, this place is just their room. For some, however, they would be more productive studying on the side of the highway than they would be at home. For those who can’t focus at home, there may still be hope. Using this list, they will be able to find the best spots to get some work done. Each study spot will be rated based on comfort and amenities, the atmosphere, and quietness to ensure only the best of the best study spots are chosen.  


Corte Madera Library: 5/5 

When it comes to finding a nice, quiet place to study, few places can top the Corte Madera Library. The library has it all. It has a mix of both secluded and open spaces with comfortable seating. For those that enjoy the sunlight and fresh air, the Corte Madera Library also boasts a tranquil outdoor space completed by a garden. The library also has all the technological amenities you could ask for, including printers, copy machines and open public computers. For the final touch, the library is open until 8:00 PM every day of the week except for Sunday, allowing for late-night studying. 


Barnes and Noble: 4.5/5

Barnes and Noble has been a staple of local studying spots for some time now. It is one of the more popular study spots and for good reason. It’s very spacious and has a cafe for good measure. It is a little busier and louder than a library, putting it just below the Corte Madera Library. However, any distractions are usually negligible. Like the Corte Madera Library, there is a perfect mix of secluded and open areas. The icing on the cake is the location of Barnes and Noble, however. Being in Town Center, it is close to both Redwood and a variety of stores and restaurants in case a snack is needed. 


Philz Coffee: 4/5

For those that prefer studying with friends, coffee shops are always reliable. Now, there are plenty of those in Marin, but some serve as better study spots than others. Among the better locations in Marin is Philz Coffee. Like Barnes and Noble, it is also conveniently located in Corte Madera Town Center. It has all the perks of being a coffee shop, including very comfortable seating. Studying in Philz will likely have to be restricted to the early morning, however, as Philz is only open until 4:00 PM. Still, Philz serves as a contender for one of the better coffee shops to study in. 


Thanks to their comfort, atmosphere and amenities, you’d be hard pressed to find better study spots in Marin than the aforementioned three. With the Corte Madera Library, Barnes and Noble and Philz, you can never go wrong when looking for a spot to study at. Still, the Corte Madera Library takes the crown out of the three, and it’s where I’d be most likely to study.