The San Rafael French Antique Market will have you saying ‘au revoir’ to mainstream shopping

Gemma Favaloro

Located at the San Rafael Civic Center in the Marin Veterans Auditorium parking lot, the French Antique festival occurs on the second Sunday of each month. At this event, hundreds of people gather under the crowded tents, scouting out various vintage and antique collectibles. From families and friends, to artistic connoisseurs, everyone is enthralled by the market’s rare, one of a kind pieces. Immersed in the bustling atmosphere and colorful layout of antiques along the tables, shoppers are transported to a busy street in Paris. Each seller at the French Antique Market is there for a different reason, either to get rid of their extra possessions or to show off their one of a kind collectibles. Even if you don’t go home with anything new, you are guaranteed to have a “Fantastique” experience.