Make this year count with a GIANT deal on the Right Start Package

Avery Aguero

Planners, pennants, lunch packs, oh my! With the new 2021-2022 school year already underway, many students are excited to start off the fall semester by purchasing the annual Right Start Package. Every year, the Leadership class creates a collection of spirited items, many of which are returning items from previous bundles, that students may find helpful for school. In addition to ensuring the student body is geared up for the year, Leadership contributes all of the proceeds to the yearly budget of the Associated Student Body (ASB), which funds dances, lunch-time activities, merchandise and more. 

This year, the $130 package included a total of seven items, three of which were newly added. The package includes the Redwood Log, an ASB sticker, a planner, a classic “R” bumper sticker, a canvas lunch bag, earbuds and a pennant. Contemplating whether or not purchasing the Right Start package will be worth the cost this year? Don’t worry because I bought one to review, so you don’t have to. 

Preparing for the exciting new school year, the Right Start Package has you covered for all of your organizational and school spirit needs. (Avery Aguero)

While the price may seem expensive given the simplicity of the items in the collection, students get a substantial discount on sporting events and dances throughout the year, thanks to the ASB sticker that goes on their student identification card. Compared to last year, students may find it more cost-effective to buy the Right Start Package for the ASB sticker now that school sporting events are open to student spectators. Another attractive component of the package is “The Log,” a massive compilation of photos, writing and endless memories from the school year. Although the yearbook alone costs $20 less than the Right Start Package, it is worth spending a little extra money for a higher quantity of useful products than it is on a single item. Plus, with the inclusion of the yearbook in the popular bundle, students don’t have to worry about purchasing one at the end of the year. 

Even though the Covered Eating Area (CEA) on campus continues to serve students free lunches every day, some have reverted to packing a meal from home. Newly added to this year’s package, the reusable canvas lunch bag marked with the Redwood Logo, is sure to keep food fresh with its high-quality insulation and storage space. Other recent additions to the bundle include earbuds stored in a nicely decorated case with the official Redwood logo and one old-school style pennant. Whether you decide to step up your room-decoration game or use it on rally days to show your school spirit, the pennant is a lovely reminder of your tight-knit school community. 

Passing by the front entrance display case, students can find items from the Right Start Package and more school swag for purchase. (Avery Aguero)

Another feature that makes this year’s package unique is the planner. Over the past year and a half, many students have learned that prioritizing self-care is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and body. This year’s school planner encourages students to take care of themselves with the “self-care corner,” which outlines a spot to check off daily needs such as sleep, hydration, connecting with friends, movement and mindfulness. Additionally, the planner contains one positive affirmation and a blank space to practice gratitude for each week. 

Transitioning into a new year is not always easy, especially for those coming back from online learning. Students from all grades are probably familiar with this feeling, which is why The Right Start package will set up students for a successful adjustment back into the groove of school. I’m happy I bought the Right Start Package this year, and I personally recommend that all students buy their own. You can purchase one online by visiting the student store linked on the school website, and pick it up in room 107.