Ending the controversy once and for all … what is the best Girl Scout cookie this season?

Sydney Liebhauser

Girl Scout cookie season is never taken lightly within the Redwood community. Between January and April, the hallways have a history of being flooded with students looking to grab the last Thin Mint box from Ms. Plescia’s room and lines of students can be seen waiting to purchase a box of Samoas just outside of Lucky’s. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Girl Scouts have had to find creative methods to sell their cookies this season. Cookies are no longer sold in person, and instead are delivered to people’s homes after ordering online through the Girl Scout website or GrubHub. This is quite inconvenient compared to seasons past; not only do the cookies take days to ship depending on your location, but shipping often costs more than a single box of cookies. Not to mention, ordering four packages is the minimum requirement to qualify for delivery in the first place. So let’s get this settled … are Girl Scout cookies really worth the hassle this season?


Do-Si-Dos: 3/5 stars

Peanut butter frosting sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies … what gets better than that? The sweet and salty combo makes for a delicious flavor, however, this cookie sandwich is quite dry and would definitely benefit from more filling. 


S’mores: 3.5/5 stars

In a classic s’more, the toasted marshmallow is the main attraction. Yet, this isn’t the case for the Girl Scouts’ s’mores rendition, where the marshmallow frosting is diluted and unnoticeable amongst the other flavors. Aside from that, the cookie itself is adorable, closely resembling an actual s’more with a custom Girl Scout logo on the sandwich cookies. With an exemplary filling to cookie ratio, the S’mores is worth a taste.


Lemon-ups: 2.5/5 stars

The appearance of the Lemon-ups are delightful, featuring inspiring and positive words on the center which will have you smiling from ear to ear. But don’t be fooled, your smile will disappear as soon as you take a bite. Though the texture is soft and pleasant, the Lemon-ups taste artificial, which is strange considering the cookie is made from purely natural flavors and ingredients. 


Samoas: 4.5/5 stars

If you’re not looking to eat a whole sleeve of cookies, then don’t buy these coconut, caramel numbers. Though coconut may be a turn off for some, Samoas are crafted exquisitely with the perfect combination and balance of each flavor. Samoas are not only the most unique looking Girl Scout cookies with their donut shaped, chocolate drizzled exterior, but also have a distinctive chewy, yet crunchy texture.


Trefoils: 3.5/5 stars

If you like Royal Dansk cookies — the shortbread cookies often found in a tin at your grandmother’s house — then you are bound to enjoy Trefoils. Though Trefoils can be considered boring, their buttery flavor and perfect crunch prove that simplicity can go a long way.


Tagalongs: 4/5 stars

There is no denying the pure bliss that comes with taking a bite of a Tagalong. While the outer layer of chocolate is nothing special with a taste similar to a cheap Hershey’s bar, the peanut butter crunch with a hint of vanilla is heavenly.


Thin Mints: 5/5 stars

Thin Mints are undoubtedly iconic. Whether you choose to stick them in your freezer or in a glass of milk, Thin Mints are the perfect combination of everything to look for in a cookie: a phenomenal crunch, exquisitely paired flavors and flawless size and shape. Although ordering Girl Scout cookies is more of a hassle this season, Thin Mints are definitely worth ordering online.