Mullet March, a fashion faux pas or a team bonding tradition

Allie Vasquez

Mullet March is a tradition at Redwood where each player on the Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team grows out his hair for the school year and then shaves his hair into a mullet for the month of March. Boys who are playing their first year on Varsity get their hair shaven at school by the returning Varsity players, while the returning Varsity players get theirs done professionally at local barbershops.

In this video, I interviewed students from Redwood asking for their different opinions on the mullets. Ranging from each grade, and different groups, there is a wide variety of how the students felt about the new hairstyles.

Viewers will be entertained by the students giving their true opinions on the tradition. Although many people do not think that the mullets themselves look good, all of the students still respect the Mullet March tradition and acknowledge that it is a form of team bonding.