35 Questions with Mr. Zargar

Welcome back to the second episode featuring questions with Redwood High School’s staff.  For this round of 35 Questions, Vice Principal Saum Zargar welcomes us into his office and takes us on a walk around the campus as he enlightens the student body about the most interesting aspects of himself and his life. Did you know that Zargar has two kids and just taught his son how to ride a bike? Or did you know that he would like to play tennis at the Olympics? Find out the last time Zargar cried, what his favorite song is by the Zac Brown Ban, how to do the perfect squat and much more in the long-awaited 35 Questions with Mr. Zargar.

The news publication Vogue started a series on Youtube in 2014 where various celebrities are asked a series of unexpected questions. These 10 to 12-minute videos have become increasingly popular as the selection of people featured has grown to include Zac Efron, Kim Kardashian and Zendaya. Because of the show’s success, the Redwood Bark has conducted its own version of these questions with our very own campus celebrities. As busy as these individuals may be with improving the school, responding to emails and holding meetings, Zargar took some time out of his day to answer our questions. Most people feel like they know him the way one might know a celebrity, so we thought it was time to finally obtain the answers to the questions we have all been waiting to discover. 

In this exclusive video, we unearthed several aspects of our Vice Principal’s life, including his habits, favorites and memorable experiences. Watch the video to learn more and stay tuned for the next episode of Questions with Redwood Staff!