What makes Redwood home to you? Tell us in six words or fewer!

Sophia Rocha

We asked students and faculty what aspects of Redwood made them feel at home. The catch? They only had six words to do it!


“A school where you learn lots.” -Nathan Morales (freshman)


“Constant support from every angle.” -Aliyah SanAndres (freshman)


“Redwood staff are fun and encouraging.” -Alex Kecskes (sophomore)


“Redwood’s community is big and diverse.” -Lauren Woods (sophomore)


“Family, lovers, community, hope and SOAR.” -Marco Lizarraga (junior)


“I don’t know, it’s just school.” -Nicole Barker (junior)


“Warm, friendly atmosphere with supportive teachers.” -Ethan Roma (senior)


“Well, my parents teach here soooooooo…” -Ella Crabtree (senior)


“Redwood’s highly motivated, highly achieving environment.” -Jeff Ryan (English teacher)