Top 10 snapshots of 2018-2019

Audrey Hettleman

Snapshots are stand-alone captioned photos we post on about three times a week. Subjects range from exciting moments like championship sports games, to simple portrayals of typical student life. Below is a list of the 10 best snapshots from this year ordered chronologically. Criteria for each was a little different. Some, such as No. 11, don’t stand out visually, but the important event they portray puts them on the list. Others, such as No. 20, visually capture the energy of the setting so well that the list wouldn’t be complete without them.


Neva Legallet
Clouded by smoke from the Camp Fire, Mount Tamalpais was barely visible on Friday, Nov. 9.


Grace Bouton
Parking spaces are left open on the first day assigned parking went into place
Alexa Erickson
Brandon Radu throws a dunk against Tam High School.
Devon McClain
Link Crew partnering with the Wellness center to bring therapy dogs for Redwoods less stress week on December 11.
Ryo Weng
Undesirable weather conditions throughout the day led to the flooding of a section of the street near the Drama bathrooms. Paired with sweeping gusts of wind, the rising King Tide has contributed to flooding in some areas of the campus.
Sarah Young
Implemented this semester, the new line system in the CEA at lunch has created long waits for food.
Emma Ingledew
Despite dominating the first half and third quarter of the game, the Varsity girls were defeated on their home turf by Marin Catholic in the MCAL championships.
Skylar Strotz
Students congregate on the field for a schoolwide evacuation drill as temperatures reach 85 degrees.
Amanda Morse
Coming off of their win against MC in the MCAL championship game, the Redwood Boys’ lacrosse team, along with all other spring sports teams who qualified, play in their NCS games. After defeating both Clayton Valley and Casa Grande, the Redwood Boys’ lacrosse team will face De La Salle on Tuesday May 14 at home at 5:30.
Emily Sweet
Monday morning anti-hate posters greeted students at the front entrance of the school.