Redwood takes part in international climate change strike with 12-minute walkout

Audrey Hettleman

At 1 p.m. on March 15, Redwood students left class for 12 minutes to protest climate change. The 12 minutes symbolized the 12 years the United Nations says are left before irreversible environmental damage occurs. The walkout was one of over 2,000 climate change strikes that occurred in 125 countries, according to the Guardian.
Students gathered at the base of the amphitheater to listen to a speech by senior Lex Von Clark. Von Clark, who organized the walkout, explained in his speech that the walkout was important because it allowed students’ voices to be heard, even if they couldn’t vote.

“It’s important that we’re out here, because I know that a lot of us can’t vote yet … so this is one of the only ways we can get our message out there. And that message is that we don’t have the time, we don’t have the money and we don’t have the lives to wait for climate change,” Von Clark said. “There is no time than now. We have to do something now.”

Senior Natalie Norstad attended the rally and said the importance of bringing awareness was her main motive.
“I really care about the environment and I think it’s pretty important. It’s the most important issue that’s facing the world today,” Norstad said. “It’s gotten so bad and it’s just getting so much worse, and people don’t care enough about it so I think it’s really important that we show that we care and show that this is an important issue to our politicians and our representatives.”