Girls’ varsity basketball advances their undefeated league record


Photo by Amanda Morse

Senior Kama Kaleikini looks to shoot.

Amanda Morse

On Thursday, Jan. 17, the defending MCAL champion Redwood girls’ varsity basketball entered onto the court ready to beat the Branson Bulls, and they did just that. Although Branson kept the game close in the first half, the Giants came into the last half ready to seal another win. After dominating on both the defensive and offensive ends of the court, with 14 points coming from senior captain Jenny Walker, the Giants capped off their win against the Bulls, 49-27.

Photo by Amanda Morse
Walking back onto the court, The Redwood Giants maintained a comfortable lead.

According to coach Diane Peterson, the second half was the strongest part of the game, as the team started off slow. She hopes that they continue to bring the momentum they had coming off the court in their upcoming games.

“[To build on] the lack of intensity that we had in the first half, recognizing that and adjusting which we did,” Peterson said. “ [Also] knowing that we have to put it together for four quarters and have to be successful in order to get to that championship.”

As the season comes to a close, Peterson emphasizes that high-intensity practices are the best way to come into their games well-prepared for any opponent they face.

“Everyday at practice we are playing up no matter what, no matter who’s in front of us. Everyone is competition so it’s a matter of staying focused on the prize and they want to get to that championship game so that’s our goal is to play at that level,” Peterson said.

Senior Kama Kaleikini emphasized how important practice is to their success as they near the MCAL playoffs.

“We are in the second half of the season now and every day we are coming to practice grinding, you know we have to work hard so pushing each other in practice and games really helps us come out strong,” Kaleikini said.

Photo by Amanda Morse
Dribbling down the court, Senior Gabby Beltran defends the opponent.

During practice, sophomore Kylie Horstmeyer believes it is vitally important to mimic the speed of their games in order to get the best results.

“Whenever we have a good, intense practice, it always reflects on how we play the next game, and if we push ourselves in practice and were the hardest on each other in practice then no team can top that,” Horstmeyer said.

With the opportunity to win the MCAL pennant for the second year in a row in the back of their minds, the Giants look to add onto their 10-0 league record in their next league game on Saturday, Jan. 19 against the Tamalpais Hawks.