A walk down memory lane: Things to do before you say goodbye

Henry Tantum

  1.  TrainTown, Sonoma

Who doesn’t love a good choo-choo? Although you may exceed the height limit, take a ride down to the town of trains and relive your glory days, when Thomas the Tank Engine still ruled the airways. “All aboard!”

  1.  Your Town’s Park

From the swings to the slide to the spider-web net, parks are where we learned to live, and that wood chips are not a soft surface to walk on with bare feet. It’s where we scraped our knees and overcame our fear of heights. From Belvedere Park to Dark Park, why not stop by the ole’ place one last time?

  1.   Friday Nights on Main

For many, particularly the folk who resided in Belvedere and Tiburon, Friday Nights on Main were the parties of the year. It didn’t get any better than bummin’ around Lily Kai and buyin’ $1 worth of rice with coins you grabbed out of the town fountain.  

  1.  First Redwood Classroom

My first class had a substitute who had an empathetic page-flipper named Grabber. What about your’s?

  1.  Watch a Middle School Play

Middle School plays were epic, the center of attention for months leading up to them. If you were ever in one, you know how nerve wracking they were, and if you’ve ever watched one, you know the incredible feats of human acting which occurred. Check it out; I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Maybe you’ll even wish you could be on stage again, with the AV crew shining their spotlight towards you.

  1. Discovery Museum

Remember watching the coin that would spin forever down the metal cone, never realizing the clever scheme to encourage donations? From the fish exhibit to the pirate ship, the Discovery Museum was the number one stop for learning the ways of the world.

  1.  Redwood Bathrooms

Everyone knows the upstairs boy’s bathroom has the nicest pooper in the school. However, did you know the portable bathroom on the track constantly maintains a humid 76 degree temperature? Take a stroll around. Remember Niagara Falls (the far-right urinal in the boys upstairs bathroom that every one peed in) until they constructed the Hoover Dam (the black garbage bag which covered it from the world until evaporation could do its thing)?

  1.  Remains of Shark’s Deli

Tiburon has changed… but what used to be Shark’s Deli hasn’t. The place still sits there vacant, a shell of its lively old self. Although the neon signs and blow-up sharks are gone, Del Mar Alums may remember the gas-station-transformed-deli, which supplied us with all our middle school dining needs. From chilled pasta salad to the legendary grilled chicken sandwich, Shark’s (along with Ponchos) represents the all that Tiburon used to be. Stop by, peer in the windows. The “Shark’s” sign still sits above the door.

  1.  Headlands

Pretty sunsets, lots of clouds, a nice big bridge, maybe some sharks (who knows really), and a bench to chill on. It’ll probably be windy, you might not be able to find parking, but save for the hundreds of tourists, it’s pretty damn serene.

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