NBA 2K16 redefines the iconic franchise


Released on Sept. 29, Electronic Arts (EA) Sports’ “NBA 2K16” is a sensation for gamers around the world. New gameplay features, such as a revamped MyPlayer mode and improved sound quality have proved the game worth the pricey $79.99.

The introduction of the “MyPlayer” mode in “NBA 2K10” had a huge impact on the gamer experience. For the first time, gamers could create their own characters and go through the process of achieving NBA stardom. To be drafted, play in the rookie summer league, and create a legacy for oneself was a desirable new feature. In “2K11,” EA stepped it up once again with the addition of  the NBA Draft Combine and interviews with teams. “2K16”, in contrast, has made this look childish. 

NBA 2K16’s cover features (left to right) James Harden, Stephen Curry, and Anthony Davis. 

In the new and improved MyPlayer, one can begin from high school. It’s now possible to start your journey in your hometown and continue your success into collegiate basketball. Once in the NBA, you can sign shoe deals, do advertisements and select players to do the advertisement with. For true basketball fans, this is an awesome experience, because playing basketball is just half the journey. One of the best additions to this version is the ability to control your MyPlayer’s destiny starting in high school.

Not only are the game-modes much better, but the visual and audio quality have also made a great leap from “2K15.” It gave me the sensation that I was actually on the court with the players. I could hear the squeaking of the shoes and the crowd going crazy so clearly it felt like I was sitting courtside at a Warriors game.  When I played the game with a surround-sound system and 4K visual effect, it made me want to purchase the game right away.

As far as player ratings, “2K16” nailed it. The top five in ratings go as follows: Lebron James (94), Stephen Curry (93), Anthony Davis (92), James Harden (92), and Kevin Durant (91). Most people can agree that Lebron James is deserving of this ranking. But what catches the most attention is Kevin Durant falling below Anthony Davis and Stephen Curry. The latter two are younger and more athletic and therefore more deserving of this ranking.

The only negative part of “2K16” is the gameplay being too fast. Players seem to make quicker and jerkier movements that are somewhat unrealistic. For example, when a player changes direction when running, it looks unnatural and awkward.

Overall, EA Sports has outdone themselves. Usually when I buy a copy of 2K, I play it routinely for about three months before forgetting about it. But something tells me I will bringing  this game with me to college next year. My advice: start saving your money and get yourself a copy of “NBA 2K16.”