Girls’ JV volleyball suffers first loss of the season against MC

The girls’ JV volleyball team suffered their first loss of the season on Wednesday against rival Marin Catholic after a competitive and fast-paced game.

Redwood players prepare to return the incoming serve.
Redwood players prepare to return the incoming serve.

The Giants played an aggressive and energetic three-set game against their greatest competition yet. In the first set, the Redwood girls prevailed with a score of 25-24, but despite their fierce attempt in the second set, Marin Catholic tied the score after winning 25-23. In the final game, Marin Catholic triumphed 15-8 for the win.  

The girls began the match strong with forceful hits, constant communication, and consistent readiness to recover from the other team’s moves. By the middle of the first set, they had a 22-14 lead.  

A powerful spike by freshman Ella Spaethling helped uplift the team’s spirit during the second set of the game.  

“When Ella hit the ball and she got a kill, the energy went up so much. It makes everyone in the gym riled up,” said sophomore Chiara Ancona.

Though Redwood and Marin Catholic were neck and neck throughout the second set, the Giants kept their intensity alive. However, midway through the set, miscommunication and confusion on the court allowed Marin Catholic to inch ahead.  

According to Spaethling, the last time Redwood played Marin Catholic, they were able to come back from a 13-8 defeat, which made them overconfident that they could make a comeback.

The Giants will play their next game on Thursday the 22nd, against Tam.