Day 1 Gallery: Homecoming week kicks off with karaoke sing-off

Ben Suliteanu

Pajama-clad students returned to school after the long weekend to find each of the stairwells decorated by each class in the theme assigned to them. Homecoming week was going into full swing.

The week’s events kicked off at lunchtime when the homecoming court members took the mural stage in the karaoke sing-off organized by the leadership class. The couples of candidates, which include Mitch Thompson and Maddie Bailey, Zach Dubin and Megan Daly, Megan Oeschel and Tyler Jackson, Will Finnie and Kally Watson, Douglas Pardella and Celeste Carswell, and William Simmonds and Olivia Konttinen, were given approximately two minutes to sing a popular song of their choice.