JUNIOR SIERRA KELLY DECORATES homemade cards for the Friendship Club’s fundraiser.

Club creates homemade cards for special fundraiser

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Over the past couple of months, the Friendship Club has made homemade cards every Tuesday at lunch in order to fundraise for the special education activities held during lunch and after school. The club, which provides fun activities for Redwood special education students, will sell their cards in packets of five for $20, and put […]


Students explore countries, cultures, and conservation efforts in school trips

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Although language classes dispense fliers on school trips like math teachers dispense tests, once they have ended they fade away into the chatter of post-vacation story telling. However, for the students who have attended, their experiences have continued to affect them long after the plane flight home. In the past four years, Redwood students have […]


Let’s get real: The SAT is tomorrow, what are you doing to prepare?

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Early tomorrow morning, thousands of students nationwide will take the SAT, one of the most important tests of their high school careers. According to 2011 National Association for College Admission Counseling’s  State of College Admission report one’s standardized test scores ranks third on the scale of importance in college admission, only behind grades and rigor […]

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Small, frequent meals prove healthier

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With 35-minute lunches and 10-minute breaks, students often find themselves with limited time to eat large and full meals. However, local nutritionists and recent studies have found that eating small but frequent meals is beneficial to health. According to Susan Machtinger, a Tiburon-based nutritionist, people often mentally perform the best when they eat smaller, more […]

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The dangers of opting out of breakfast

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Between malfunctioning alarm clocks and last-minute study sessions, some teenagers can’t seem to make enough time in their hectic morning schedules for breakfast. But a well-balanced morning meal is more important than many teens may think. A 2005 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that breakfast eaters consume about 100 fewer […]


Surfers take the sea by storm

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For over a decade, senior Zack Cohen has been perfecting a reaction. “The best part is that you’re really not thinking,” Cohen said. “It’s like everything is happening so fast, you don’t really have time to think. I’ve been surfing for 12 years, and I don’t think I can tell you one single thought that’s […]

RUSSELL HILL TEACHES an AP Language and Composition class as the long-term substitute for English teacher Emily LaTourrette.

Long-term substitutes try to fill void of absent teachers

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While students have likely encountered many substitute teachers throughout their time at Redwood, few will get the chance to learn from the same sub for a sustained period of time. Whether due to planned maternity leave or an unplanned accident, long-term subs have the responsibility of taking over a class part way through the year […]


TA Troubles: Teachers’ assistants abuse privileges

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“Ben” sat reflectively, thinking about the previous semester. Thinking about the B+ he gave himself. Thinking about the C he deserved. “I think teachers think nobody would dare. They think we don’t have it in us,” he said, speculating as to why a teacher might not suspect him of changing his grade, as well as the […]

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Bulking up: Males muscle out perceived perfection

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It’s his sixth day working out this week, but for junior Alex Landeck, this is nothing out of the ordinary. You can find him sculpting his body at the gym six or seven days a week. “Everyone wants to look good. Knowing that you work out gives you satisfaction of working towards a goal,” Landeck […]

Junior Josh Morris practices parkour on the South Lawn.

New Ways to Move: Turning to Alternative Workouts

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Many students choose to work off calories in the confines of local gym or an after school sports team. Though the gym equipment and coaches offer students sufficient workouts, some are looking for something more then the average workout. Some students have found alternatives and are participating in a variety of different activities to keep […]