Ballerina returns from injury to play role in Nutcracker

Ella Cook

Sophomore Marina Yamada is preparing for her first big performance in The Nutcracker next week after an injury earlier this year.

Sophomore Marina Yamada will play two roles in this weekend's Marin Ballet performance of The Nutcracker.
Sophomore Marina Yamada will play two roles in this weekend’s Marin Ballet performance of The Nutcracker.

Yamada has been practicing five days a week for three hours a day to prepare for two roles in The Nutcracker with Marin Ballet.

Last January, Yamada fell during class and injured her knee, She was later on diagnosed with a dislocated knee cap and doctors told her she wouldn’t be able participate in ballet for at least six months.

Even after dislocating her kneecap, Yamada will still be performing in the  Nutcracker.

“I’m really excited to be in it, because I wasn’t sure I was going to this year at all. I don’t have the biggest part or anything but it’s still just nice to be back in the environment,” Yamada said.

Last summer, Yamada was told she could start ballet again. She was relieved she would be able to perform in the year’s Nutcracker performance at Marin Ballet.

Yamada worked with her instructor at lower level classes and slowly made her way back up to her group of 20 students.

“I’m still a lot weaker on my right leg, but I’m doing all stuff my group is doing, but it’s still a climb from here.” She said.

Yamada is currently practicing five days a week, rehearsing and preparing for the Nutcracker in December.

“It’s a good amount because ballet is something that you have to keep up and do almost everyday, if not everyday, because if you don’t your body can get stiff and you can feel out of shape.”