Sticky notes decorate school

Keely Jenkins

Students arrived at school this morning to find about 3,000 sticky notes decorating the campus, all saying “You are beautiful!”

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The yellow square sticky notes were on  classroom doors, on bathroom stalls and every locker. Each note had the same message handwritten on it.

The only hint as to who wrote these notes was from an Instagram user named “pr0ject_cupc3ke,” who posted a photo of multiple stacks of sticky notes that are now everywhere around the school.

The owner of pr0ject_cupc3ke, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed to have posted all the notes yesterday after school at 4:30 with the help of two friends.

“I put them up because I always hear people letting themselves down. Its either how they look, or they are not good enough, and everyone needs to know that they are appreciated and that they are all… beautiful,” the anonymous sophomore said.

Not only did this sophomore allegedly write and post all the sticky notes, but they also claimed to have painted the Spirit Ball with the same message.