Car catches on fire in parking lot near Redwood

Kayla Aldridge

Billowing smoke arose from a burning truck Tuesday afternoon in a parking lot outside of Hall Middle School.

Flames devoured the front of the car, at approximately 5:21p.m., distracting and grabbing the attention of soccer teams on the Hall Middle School field and the Redwood varsity football team.

Alex Ritter, a soccer player for Marin FC, saw smoke rising from behind the fence in the parking lot.

“My team went over to see what was happening, and when we saw how bad the fire really was, I called 911,” she said.

“I had football practice when i saw smoke rising from the building,” said football player Ben Bialla.

A Larkspur resident was outside of his house when he first saw the smoke from the fire.

“I ran into the house, grabbed the fire extinguisher and tried to put it out and it was to no use,” he said. In approximately seven minutes, two police cars had arrived accompanying a firetruck.

“We just got called for a vehicle fire, we saw the smoke coming from Doherty,” said Shawn Schaffner, a Larkspur firefighter.

“We try to keep any more property from being damaged, and put it out. It’s nothing too difficult,” Schaffner said.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, however a firefighter near the scene said, “Maybe a wire rubbed off over time.”

No one was injured by this incident, and police are still looking into the reason behind the fire.