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Seniors launch their caps in their air as Dr. Barnaby Payne announces they have officially graduated.
Redwood class of 2024 graduates amid tears, cheers and airhorns: A celebration to remember
Cora ChampommierJune 15, 2024

  On Thursday, June 13, the Redwood class 2024 solidified their impact on the school over the past four years and became a step closer...

Riley Peterson and Caitlin Shaver eat together as they discuss what they will be doing at the graduation practice.
Redwood seniors celebrate their last day of school
Lauren PoulinJune 12, 2024

On Wednesday, June 12th, Redwood seniors joined together in the Covered Eating Area (CEA) to celebrate the end of their senior year before...

April 18, 1906: Catalyst for SF homelessness
June 11, 2024

April 18, 1906 was an early morning San Francisco. At 5:12 a.m. the city experienced an earthquake with 7.9 magnitude, killing over 3,000 people....

Youth Employment: Teens clock in for success

Embarking on part-time jobs during high school is more than just earning pocket money. It’s a crucial step in personal and professional growth. There are numerous popular job options for teens in Marin that highlight not only the financial benefits of working but also the importance of developing responsibility, time management and interpersonal skills early on. High school employment sets the foundation for a well-rounded and prepared future generation. Below are some great options for teen jobs in Marin.


Working at BODYROK, a Pilates studio, provides a dynamic and health-oriented professional experience. The positive aspects include being a part of a supportive community, fostering teamwork and enjoying the personal benefits of improved fitness. The rewarding experience of helping others lead a healthier lifestyle makes BODYROK a fulfilling workplace for pilates enthusiasts. 

Junior Francesca Mitchell has been working at BODYROK for eight months and has loved her experience working there.

“I love working at BODYROK because they are super flexible with my schedule and I get discounted pilates classes,” Mitchell said. 

To qualify for a job at BODYROK, you must be at least 15 and a half years old and have great communication skills. BODYROK has a starting pay rate of $16 an hour. An employee’s typical day includes checking people in at the front desk, sending emails and interacting with the clients and instructors.

BODYROK members stretch before a 40-minute Full Body Sculpt class.

Bay Club:

High schoolers can gain more valuable insight into the fitness industry by working at Bay Club, a luxury gym chain. This opportunity provides exposure to a health-conscious community, access to top-tier fitness facilities and the chance to develop customer service skills. While challenges like scheduling conflicts and physical demands may arise, the rewarding experience of contributing to a positive environment makes employment at Bay Club worthwhile for high schoolers interested in fitness and wellness. Junior Hannah Gould has been working at Bay Club for almost eight months and enjoys being able to keep up with her fitness through the free gym membership that comes with working at the job. Bay Club offers two teen jobs to teenagers:front desk manager or a childcare team member. Gould works at the childcare center and enjoys playing with the little kids. In a typical workday at the childcare center, Gould checks in kids at the daycare center, draws with them, plays with them, feeds them and most importantly, ensures their safety. Working at the childcare center pays $16 an hour.

A Bay Club employee completes one of their daily tasks: checking members in.

Malibu Farms:

For teens, working at Malibu Farms offers a hands-on introduction to the culinary world. The benefits include exposure to a dynamic restaurant environment, customer service and teamwork skill development as well as the prestige of working in a renowned establishment. However, challenges such as demanding hours and the fast-paced nature of the industry may be potential drawbacks for young workers. Despite this, the experience gained makes it a rewarding opportunity for high schoolers interested in exploring hospitality. To work at Malibu Farms, you must be 17 years old and personable. At Malibu Farms, you can be a hostess or waiter, or work at the Malibu Farms cafe next door. Malibu Farms pays $17 an hour, plus tips if you are a waiter. 


Hostesses at Malibu Farms welcome diners and find them a table.


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