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Crumbl takes cookies to the next level

Cameryn Smith
The six flavors for the week of Nov. 26 in order from left to right: Cake Batter Blondie (Rainbow), Candy Cane Brownie, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Peanut Butter Crisp, Triple Berry Cobbler and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk.

Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked cookies — warm, gooey sweetness that is both pleasant and addictive. Crumbl Cookies takes this feeling to the next level with gourmet cookies and new flavors every week. Crumbl offers classic flavors, like brownie cookies and snickerdoodles, in addition to more unique options, such as strawberry cheesecake and maple bacon. The range of flavors changes every week, typically in relation to seasonal or holiday events. Crumbl, founded in 2017, is a relatively new business, yet they have risen in popularity in recent years and a new location in Novato garnered a new, Marin-based audience. 

Though the flavors change every week, they are often reused and you can count on their classic chocolate chip cookies to be available every week, either the milk chocolate chip or semi-sweet chocolate chunk. While the flavors featured in this review won’t be available every week, they are bound to pop up again, so keep an eye out for any familiar ones. After trying each flavor offered the week of Nov. 26, we have ranked them below from worst to best.

#6: Triple Berry Cobbler

This cookie perfectly embodies the brand name, as it crumbles right in your hands upon taking a bite. With an oatmeal base and a combination of berry syrup topped with cinnamon frosting, this cookie is complex and might not draw you in with the very first bite. If you are a fan of berry-flavored desserts, be sure to give this one a try, but if not, some of the other cookies might be a better fit for you.

Guzzling with jam, the Triple Berry Cobbler waters your mouth. (Cameryn Smith)

#5: Peanut Butter Crisp

This cookie sticks true to its name. It has a strong peanut butter flavor which is great for a peanut butter lover, but it ends up making the whole thing a little dry. It definitely didn’t stand out this week, especially among the other, more exciting flavors.


#4: Candy Cane Brownie

The Candy Cane Brownie cookie resembles the taste of a peppermint mocha. If you’re a fan of the chocolate and peppermint flavor combination, then this cookie is perfect for you. Otherwise, it might just end up tasting like toothpaste… 

#3: Frozen Hot Chocolate

This chilled cookie is one of the top contenders for this week. The small marshmallows topped off this cookie beautifully and served as a sweet reminder of the holiday season. This cookie is more unconventional than the rest, served cold rather than warm and has the perfect amount of richness and sweetness in every bite.

#2: Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk

Classic cookies are staples for a reason, and this cookie does not disappoint. It’s warm, gooey and tastes like a homemade cookie, fresh out of the oven. Though it is not as exciting as other flavors, it is a fan favorite and a reliable sweet treat.

The cookies come fresh from the oven, baked daily and served warm. (Cameryn Smith)

#1: Cake Batter Blondie (Rainbow)

By far the best cookie this week is the flavorful blondie cookie with white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. It doesn’t get much better than that! It’s simple while still staying rich and flavorful and it definitely stands out among the rest of this week’s lineup.


These cookies are fun to try at least once, especially with friends. However, for the price, they are not exactly a sweet treat to have regularly. Though we recommend trying one or two flavors of Crumbl Cookies on the fun rotating schedule, nothing can truly beat the taste of a homemade cookie.

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