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FDA approves Opill; The lens into the world of reproductive rights
Hailey Carlton and Annie BurlingameMay 16, 2024

From IUDs to Depo-Provera shots, and to the original pill (Plan-B), birth control has evolved substantially since its debut in May of 1950....

Photo Essay: Students celebrate the fifth annual Wellness Festival
Photo Essay: Students celebrate the fifth annual Wellness Festival
Lauren OlsenMay 12, 2024

  On Saturday, May 11, the Marin County Youth Commision (MCYC) hosted their fifth annual Wellness Festival for middle school and...

The Giants won their first MCAL banner since 2018.
Back at the top: Boys’ varsity baseball knocks off San Marin to claim MCAL banner
Gil Ladetzky and Hayden DonehowerMay 11, 2024

As the boys’ varsity baseball team entered the 2024 Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) championship game against San Marin, the bitter...

Remember this moment: Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour film hits the big screens

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been one of the biggest in history, with 146 dates, and is expected to gross around four billion dollars. On Oct. 13, the concert film, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” was released in all American Multi-Cinemas (AMC) across the world. Her previous two concert movies: “The 1989 World Tour Live” and “The Reputation Stadium Tour,” come nowhere near this film regarding earnings and duration. As Swift takes the audience on an almost three-hour-long journey through her musical “eras,” viewers can relive the concert or experience the magic for the first time.

Standing proud, Swift poses for a photo for her new movie. (Photo courtesy of IMDb)

AMC theaters bustle with special edition cups and popcorn bins sold by concessions. Fans bond over their love for Swift and her music while trading friendship bracelets and dressing up as their favorite eras. Unlike usual movie theater etiquette, fans are encouraged to stand up, dance, and sing as loud as they please, per Swift’s instructions.

The film opens with a ticking clock, counting down from Swift’s lucky number 13, until she appears on a diamond-shaped stage, singing “Ms. Americana and The Heartbreak Prince.” The camera pans toward the cheerful reactions of fans as Swift struts across the stage. These fan reactions played an essential part in the quality of the movie and added a personal touch that created cheerfulness among viewers. Swift’s “Lover” era commences as she puts on extravagant performances including many costume changes and complex choreography immediately grabbing the audience’s attention. Opening the tour with this album alluded to her previous tour, “Lover-Fest” which was canceled during the pandemic. This decision gave a sense of continuity to fans as if she was picking up right where she left off.
After gracefully descending from a platform, Swift twirls her way back onto the stage. It’s impossible not to join in as the entire theater sings along with her. Swift’s performance is a nostalgic journey through her chart-topping hits from her album “Fearless,” leaving the audience awash in a sentimental compilation of their all-time favorites.
Transitioning to the “Evermore” era, Swift sings her song “Willow,” putting on a spooky theatrical performance with her backup dancers, wooing the theater. As soon as the music stops, flashlights pop up from every direction of the theater for Swift’s next song, “Marjorie,” a beautiful dedication to her late grandmother. This encouraged crowd engagement made the movie seem like Swift was right there with the audience which was one of many results of the excellent production.

Making her iconic heart symbol, Swift ends her hit song “Fearless.” (Photo courtesy of US Weekly)

After emotional performances from the album, a snake slithers across the screen marking the beginning of the “Reputation” era. Swift takes us all to church with her “Don’t Blame Me” performance and an iconic transition into “Look What You Made Me Do,” as the crowd erupts in applause.
After sinking backstage, Swift reappears sporting a gown shaped like a pastry, giving a bewildering performance of her hit song “Enchanted,” from the album “Speak Now.”

In the next segment, after popping up from a red box on stage, Swift transitions to a change of pace with the theater singing along, setting a lively resonance. She concludes the “Red” era with her expressive Grammy award-winning song, “All Too Well (10 Minute Version).” Adding this song to the setlist was a smart move by Swift as it had gained much traction during her re-recording process and contributed greatly to the allure of the movie.
As she prepares for yet another era change, Swift sits atop a beautiful wooden cabin, singing songs from her fan-favorite indie/pop album, “Folklore.” She takes the audience through a melodramatic performance of her fictional album. Although the albums “Folklore” and “Evermore” do not appear as concert-worthy albums due to their slow pace, Swift does a great job of including lively elements in her performances. She appeals to this by running through the stage singing, “August” and “Illicit Affairs,” attracting the attention of those on the floor.

Strumming her guitar, Swift looks to the audience as she performs “All Too Well” (10-minute version). (Photo courtesy of People Magazine)

By the time Swift appears wearing a bejeweled costume to perform her album “1989,” the entire theater is standing up, singing and dancing as the tour’s extravagant special effects take over.

On Swift’s actual Eras Tour, she sings two “surprise songs” for each show as part of the acoustic set.

With long anticipation for which two songs from the tour she would select for the film, Swift returns to her country days and sings the opening lyrics to “Our Song” from her debut album, “Taylor Swift,” generating a buzz of enthusiasm. She then retreats to her piano, belting “You’re On Your Own Kid,” from her newest album release, “Midnights.” The acoustic set showcases Swift’s music in its simplest form, highlighting her exceptional songwriting skills.

After she finishes, she dives down into the stage, which transforms into an ocean, only to emerge a few seconds later to conclude her show with hits from “Midnights.” The long anticipation built up over the last few years surrounding the Eras Tour created a high influx of ticket sales resulting in many fans missing the opportunity to see Swift perform live. This movie not only encapsulated the feeling of watching Swift in person but also created a wonderful, interactive experience that brought fans together to experience The Eras Tour from the comfort of a theater.


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