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Construction students Taylor Bridges, Leila Fraschetti, Emmanuel Medina, Mary Coleman and John Kozubik (left to right) applaud their peers as they speak about their appreciation for their teachers and the resources they were provided.
Photo Essay: Redwood ROP Construction Program celebrates graduates
Isabelle DavisMay 23, 2024

  On May 22, the Redwood Regional Occupational Program Construction Technology celebrated the graduation of 19 Redwood students and...

Marin’s Finest Fairways: Reviewing the best public golf courses
Marin’s Finest Fairways: Reviewing the best public golf courses
Hayden DonehowerMay 23, 2024

Tee up for an adventure in Marin County’s vibrant golf scene! Get ready to explore the fairways, traps and views of the best public golf courses....

Illustration by Cora Champommier
Paying the price of adopt vs. shop
Chloe JenningsMay 23, 2024

The American population is becoming increasingly aware of ethical considerations around pets. Buying a pet from a breeder versus adopting a pet...

Olivia Rodrigo’s new album is far from ‘gutting’

When former Disney actress Olivia Rodrigo dropped her debut album, “Sour” in 2021, it became the number two album in the U.S. Since then, fans have eagerly been awaiting her sophomore album, “GUTS.” Unlike “Sour,” “GUTS” is filled with pissed-off lyrics, lively banter and a pop-punk edge similar to Joan Jett in the ‘90s.

Biting her polish chipped nails, Olivia Rodrigo stares down the camera for her latest album ‘GUTS’ cover. (Courtesy of

The album starts off with “all american bitch,” which opens with a bright melody that leads into a strong rant filled with lyrics including, “I know my age and I act like it.” Rodrigo starts off her album with a bang, leaving behind the girl who made “Sour.”

“Lacy” is about a young girl who Rodrigo wants to be. A femme fatale personality, a “dazzling starlet” and a “Bardot reincarnate.” But Rodrigo almost despises what “lacy” represents, and how, “[Lacy] poisons every little thing that I do.”
Rodrigo moves away from writing about former aspirations, which was a fundamental part of “Sour.” Songs like, “get him back!” and “love is embarrassing” are about a more young, playful sort of love. In “get him back,” Rodrigo reflects on a whirlwind of a summer fling, singing, “I wanna kiss his face with an uppercut.”

In another track, she references how, “love is embarrassing,” with lyrics like, “Just watch as I crucify myself/For some weird second string.”
The songs, “logical” and “pretty isn’t pretty” convey the most powerful message in the album with fierce emotional moments in the bridges. “Logical” is about a young woman who has been manipulated by an older man. Rodrigo fights for a breath while singing, “And now you got me thinkin’/Two plus two equals five/And I’m the love of your life.”

Posing for the camera, Olivia Rodrigo holds up a sign for her album pop-up in New York City. (Courtesy of Rodrigo’s instagram)

“Pretty isn’t pretty” reveals how harmful social media is for a growing young teen. Rodrigo harmonizes, “There’s always somethin’ in the mirror that I think looks wrong” and, “It’s on the poster on the wall, it’s in the shitty magazines/It’s in my phone, it’s in my head, it’s in the boys I bring to bed.”
Filled with a powerful piano ballad, “teenage dream” is a more melodic and somber version of “brutal,” from “Sour.” Rodrigo expresses not living up to people’s expectations, singing “I’m sorry I couldn’t always be your teenage dream.”
In “brutal,” Rodrigo belts out “Where’s my f-king teenage dream?” She then questions, “When does wide-eyed affection and all good intentions start to not be enough?”
Filled with witty lyrics and a variety of melodies, many people will find Rodrigo’s album relatable. From having an embarrassing love life to struggling with societal standards, Rodrigo expresses everything a former Disney princess wouldn’t. “GUTS” will definitely become a staple in teen girls’ playlists around the world.

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