Pool boiler out of order

Simone Wolberg

The Redwood pool backup boiler broke on Sept. 13.

The primary boiler broke midsummer.  The pool has been functioning since then with the single backup boiler.

According to Mike Dibley, physical education teacher, both boilers broke due to the effects of sterilizing chemicals within their cavities.


“Basically you have chemicals in the pool to keep it sanitized and the chemicals were being mixed within the boiler itself. It was just a matter of time before it corroded the boilers.”

Drake High School was using the same boilers, which also broke.  “Drake put [their boilers] in at the same time as ours with the same equipment and everything.  It’s obviously a situation where the boilers were faulty.  Those boilers weren’t even intended for pool use—they were [meant] for office buildings,” Dibley said.

Anika Berde, varsity water polo player, said that due to the broken boiler her team has had to practice from 7-9 pm and host home games at Tam High School.  Their practices were also shortened from 2.5 hours to 2 hours.

Two new replacement boilers will be installed, and will be functional Oct.14.