4 places to shop prom attire: affordability, uniqueness and quality

Natalie Welch

Even though prom may seem far away, it is never too early to begin the search for the perfect prom dress or tux. While the options seem endless, there are few places that take into account affordability, uniqueness and quality. It is a struggle to track down spots that check all three of those boxes, however  after a long search, I have found the top shops for this prom season.

Bipty slashes the price of the Rat & Boa dress, which originally retails for $300, yet Bipty rents it out for only $75.40.


Bipty is an online clothing rental store, allowing access to high-end dresses for a fraction of the price. By using a rental website, you can ensure premium quality due to the designer status of the dresses, allowing access to dresses that are typically $1,000 and renting them out for only $170. It checks off the affordability box by having dresses rented for as low as $60. Bipty also carries a wide range of styles and constantly releases new dresses for rent. While you may not be able to hold onto the dress forever, it is a sustainable and cost-conscious way to wear the dress of your dreams.



Meshki, an online boutique finds a way to create luxury dresses without an alarmingly high price tag. They are known for their classy and elegant style and manage to maintain exceptional quality despite being on the affordable side, ranging from $29-$285. However, it is important to be careful and read the return policy on the website, as they only refund with store credit. Meshki isn’t as mainstream as other brands such as Revolve, so while this store doesn’t guarantee complete uniqueness, it is at least a lot less likely that you will have a twin at prom. 


Louis Thomas Fine Men’s Apparel

Located at the Town Center, this store walks customers through every step of the renting or purchasing a suit or tux process. Showcasing the different styles and pieces that are necessary to accumulate a suit, the shop supplies everything you need from the shoes to the tie. Rentals range from $225-$255, which is affordable considering that you will receive every piece of the suit. Offering such customization of different cuts and styles, it allows customers to find the perfect fit.  

A sleek, customizable look from Louis Thomas Fine Men’s Apparel. (Image courtesy of Louisthomas)

Lan’s Formal Wear

Lan’s Formal wear located on Polk St. in San Francisco is an excellent boutique that provides suits and tuxedo rentals and sales. They are known for their affordable prices and depending on what you select, prices can be as low as $89 and up to around $255. They can tailor each suit to perfectly fit each individual customer. The store also popularly offers emergency alterations services, quickly mending customers’ suits.


Make sure to browse these options either online or in person to start the hunt for the perfect prom attire. It is important to always remember two things, it doesn’t matter what you wear to prom — as long as you feel good, you will look good — and read the return policy. The last thing anyone needs is a hundred bucks in store credit.