Ginny & Georgia season two; an emotional roller coaster that ends with a crash

Emilie Erickson

The mother-daughter duo have reconciled their issues and are back for another season! (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

On Jan. 5, 2023, “Ginny & Georgia” returned with a second season on Netflix. Set in the small fictional town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts, the mother-daughter duo catch each other in a turmoil of secrets. Ginny (Antonia Gentry), and Georgia (Brianne Howey) are still trying to figure each other out. Season one highlighted the love triangle between Ginny, Marcus (Felix Mallard), and Hunter (Mason Temple). If you thought last season was full of twists and turns, buckle up for more. Season two is an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you laughing, gasping and crying all in one episode. 

The show’s creator, Sarah Lampert, has assembled a phenomenal cast of actors that truly embody each character. After lingering in a gray area for far too long, Ginny and Marcus finally made their relationship official early into the season. Coping with her hectic family life, Ginny loses sight of her boyfriend’s internal struggles, as we see Marcus’s character fighting a downhill battle with his mental health. Speaking of relationship drama, Georgia is getting married to Paul (Scott Porter), whom she has lied to about every dark secret she holds from her past. Because of Georgia’s illegal acts, private investigator Gabriel (Alex Mallari Jr.) decides to extend his visit in Wellsbury, and begins to build an even bigger case against Georgia to prove her criminal activity. Georgia’s hopeless facade of making everything appear upbeat and normal leaves Ginny aching for just a hint of honesty from her mother. The entirety of this season jumps back and forth from past to present and eventually forms an intense storyline in the end.

At the beginning of the season, Max (Sara Waisglass), Abby (Katie Douglas), Norah (Chelsea Clark), and Ginny, also known by their squad name ‘MANG’, finally reconcile their relationships. However, Max was quite reluctant in doing so. To be blunt, Max was downright obnoxious. Her use of trendy ‘TikTok’ slang will make your senses cringe. Nonetheless, her character redeems herself in the end when she realizes she can’t act so childish all the time. 

Partying at Ginny’s house, ‘MANG’ cheers to their friendships. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

This season offers a glimpse of the brutal reality people face behind closed doors. Sickness, lies, violence, heartbreak, murder and suspense — that’s season two in a nutshell. If you are looking for a show that has you on the edge of your seat, this is the one! There’s so much to take in that you might never shut the TV off. Get ready to witness a deeper dive into the relationship of this dysfunctional pair, it’s Ginny and Georgia against the world.