Find inner peas at the Marin Civic Center Farmers’ Market

Hannah Herbst

Renowned around Marin County for its endless rows of vendors, the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market can sometimes be overwhelming and daunting. Smells mingling, hundreds of people milling about, different bright tents with food practically spilling out of them … it’s hard to know where to even begin. Once you’re able to navigate it, the farmers market is a great place to score reasonably-priced, ethically sourced and oftentimes organic produce. Upon entry, visitors have the opportunity to support local businesses and farmers, which is beneficial for the community at large. Below, find a guide to navigating the expansive market! 


Tomatero Farms

Looking for a one-stop shop for all your organic needs? Well, Tomatero Farms is your place. Though long lines are sometimes a drag, Tomatero Farms’ abundance of reasonably priced, delicious produce makes the wait worth it. Crunchy, fresh lettuce for your week’s worth of salad for half the price of a salad from Sweetgreen? Seasonal veggies like opulent cauliflower to toss in there too? Maybe some fresh, juicy strawberries for dessert? Yes, Tomatero Farms has it, as well as many other fresh, delicious and affordable options, far cheaper than what you would find at most grocery stores. 

Waiting to be purchased by a market goer, cauliflower and greens sit at the Tomatero Farms stand.


Kashiwase Farms

Whereas Tomatero Farms has a large variety of options, Kashiwase Farms specializes in one category: stone fruits such as nectarines and peaches. This vendor always has plenty of samples of their fruit available, which is helpful for choosing from their many options. Whether you’re looking for a perfectly firm, sweet nectarine or a pink, juicy peach, look no further!


Rodriguez Farms

Like Kashiwase, Rodriguez Farms has one specialty: berries. Their blackberries, blueberries and strawberries are among the best options at the market, known for being consistently great. Quite often you will score a perfectly ripe and sweet batch. Plus, when buying a large amount, you can often score a great deal. Always a fresh, delicious option.

Shining like rubies, the strawberries from Rodriguez Farm are always a treat.

For the Non-Vegan…

Stemple Creek Ranch

The best kind of meat for you and the planet is both ethically sourced and nutritious. Stemple Creek Ranch delivers on both those fronts while providing a large variety of offerings such as beef, pork and lamb. Although their selection is limited at times which requires some flexibility from the shopper side, their products always deliver!


Point Reyes Cheese Company

From sharp, white cheddar to aged gouda, Point Reyes Cheese Company often has a considerable variety of cows’ milk cheeses to choose from, and most are delicious. The Toma cheese from this stand is a distinct option, notable for its uniquely rich, creamy flavor, and a great pairing with fruits like dates or apples.


…For the Vegan

Beber Almond Milk

The products at Beber Almond Milk are made with locally sourced ingredients, and their multitude of flavors are all as fun as they are flavorful, from strawberry to honey vanilla. Their premade matcha and cold brew drinks are also a must-try. To put it simply, you can’t go wrong with anything you choose here! 


Prepared Foods

Tru Gourmet Dim Sum

Despite the long line and wait times, Tru Gourmet Dim Sum is always a popular option for many at the market. If you have the time and patience for it, everything is undeniably delicious. Their chef sampler is a great way to try a variety of their dim sum in a more feasible way. Evident from the tent crowded with cooks, all the food is fresh, handmade and worth the wait! 


Avi-ously Delicious 

From a cute blue food truck serving delicious Mediterranean food, Avi-ously Delicious has so much to offer. For a quick experience, there are plenty of pre-made foods to choose from such as dips, noodle kugel and salads, or you can order something hot. The lentil soup and falafel are great.


Rozmary Kitchen

This tent is maybe the hidden gem of the market. Rozmary Kitchen serves up delicious, fresh sandwiches, one for all palates. The veggie sandwich is one of their best, filled with mozzarella, sweet eggplant, peppers, pesto and fresh greens. Whatever your taste preference, prepare to be delighted with one of these sandwiches.

Displayed for passersby, Rozmary Kitchens sandwiches ooze with deliciousness.


Once you’ve gotten your bearings in the market, it is far less daunting and formidable. Shopping locally and sustainably is beneficial both economically and environmentally, and the weekly farmers market is a great way to implement those tasks in your day-to-day life!