Two hands up for second hand shopping: Thrifting in Marin

Aanika Sawhney and Sawyer Barta

Consumers are able to shop second hand when used items are reintroduced into the market and presented as still valuable. Thrifting reaches a wide demographic of people from antique shop collectors to families running garage sales. With the recycling of old clothing in thrift stores, past trends have resurfaced in fashion, gaining more popularity among younger generations. The Tiburon Thrift Shop, Sugar Magnolia’s Powder Room and St. Patrick’s Thrift Shop are stores in Marin that offer the opportunity to purchase pre-owned items. This video explores the community involved in local thrift shops through the experiences of individuals in different roles from managers to customers. Consignment shops are a collection of items with long-lasting memories that are given another life, and the thrift establishments in Marin have particularly unique stories to tell.