Welcome to “Harry’s House” it’s not the same As “Fine Line” was

Natalie Welch

On Friday May 20th, the adored singer Harry Styles dropped his highly anticipated album “Harry’s House.” Earlier this year, he released his single “As It Was,” which claimed the number one spot on Billboard charts for five weeks consistently, which resulted in  high expectations for the album. Styles has definitely exceeded these expectations, as “Harry’s House” is a no-skip album ranking as the number one debut on Apple Music charts as of May 20th. 

After dropping multiple teasers during his last tour Styles finally released the album and was met with extremely positive feedback. Style’s has definitely delivered everything his fans were anticipating, in addition to being an ode to his hometown in Great Britain. According to Apple Music’s description, the album is supposed to “riff on the concept of home, viewing it less as a geographical location and more as a state of mind—[Styles’s] mind.” 

Being his third album since he became a solo artist, “Harry’s House” granted Styles the opportunity to find authenticity within his music, and it is quite evident that he poured his soul into the lyrics and songs. After watching Styles’s exclusive interview with Zane Lowe, a radio DJ and record producer, about the album on Apple Music, it is clear that this album serves as reflection for Styles, demonstrating how he has evolved through things such as the pandemic, love, self-image and most importantly, finding his home.

Performing the album for the first time live, Harry Styles lights up on stage. (courtesy of Washington Post)

The album has 13 songs, runs 42 minutes long and opens with “Music For a Sushi Restaurant,” an upbeat, electronic tune that will make you want to get up and dance. Keeping up with this pace, “Daylight” and “Satellite” are similarly upbeat. As catchy as these songs are, Styles also includes ones with a more melancholy or slow pace, seen in “Love of my life,” “Little Freak” and “Matilda.” Both the lyrics and the melody in these songs bring out the more vulnerable side of Styles and add a layer of emotional value to the album.

The album feels like the listener is spending a day with Styles in his house. It’s as if your walking through a day in Style’s most comfortable part of his mind when listening to the album chronologically. Already, according to the most listened on Apple Music, the most popular songs are “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” and “Late Night Talking,” which are both heavily inspired by 70’s pop songs, and curate vibes that are a great theme for summer. 

An intimate, yet fun album, “Harry’s House” emits a daydreaming energy that has fans soaking up every last note.. As Styles has stepped foot into this new era, he illustrates a more vulnerable version of himself. Styles gave fans the special opportunity to hear “Harry’s House” live at his one night only show in New York City, which only added to the thrill of the release of the record. With more live shows coming up, fans can’t wait to see more on stage. 

Whether it’s getting over a breakup or driving through the headlands, “Harry’s House” is a perfect fit for all occasions.


My personal rankings of the songs on the record:

  1. Satellite
  2. Daydreaming
  3. Love Of My Life
  4. Daylight
  5. Late Night Talking
  6. Matilda
  7. Cinema
  8. Keep Driving
  9. As It Was
  10. Music For A Sushi Restaurant
  11. Grapejuice
  12. Little Freak
  13. Boyfriends