The works of theater production at Redwood

One special aspect of the Redwood drama program is the variety of classes offered and the inclusivity of the courses. Theater production is one of the classes in the drama program offered at Redwood, yet only 30 out of Redwood’s about 2,000 students are enrolled. The course’s personalized structure allows for students to learn industry skills such as makeup and lighting design, stage management and music scoring. The program also gives students the opportunity to create a connection to a professional in the field, providing additional training for students as well as a chance towards jobs that apply these learned skills. Since this class is considered a ninth-period, students have an opportunity to have more space in their schedule if wanted. Theater production is a class where students can repeat the course for credit in order to expand their skills further and ultimately learn a skill that could help the rest of their future in theater. Considered a community-based course, theater production is a space where students work with other students to build a functioning theater company here at Redwood. From blocking notes to ticket sales students have the ability to learn it all from the hidden gem of Redwood, Theater Production.