Principal welcomes parents

Matthew Cummings

Parents stream out of the gym as Principal David Sondheim released them to visit their children’s first period classes.

Hundreds of parents packed the gym as Principal David Sondheim welcomed them to Back to School Night.

Although Sondheim was the main attraction, he ceded much of his fifteen-minute introduction to parent foundation president Mark Hutchinson and PTSA president Jean Lin.

Hutchinson emphasized the extent of the foundation’s accomplishments, explaining that throughout the school white balloons have been placed on items paid for by the parent foundation.

Opening his speech by praising the parents and students for adjusting very well to the Doherty Drive closure, Sondheim said he appreciated the rise in carpooling, biking, and walking.

Seeing that many of the parents present raised their hands when Sondheim asked what members of the crowd were first-time attendees of Back to School Night, the principal also explained the basic tenets of the night before sending the parents off to visit their students’ first-period teachers.

Students aren’t the only ones who bike and walk to school. Parents visiting for back to school night also needed to avoid the Doherty Drive closure.