Yoganna love these local hot yoga studios

Ava Koblik

When it comes to their yoga practice, some just like it hot. If you’re interested in hot yoga, Marin has an abundance of choices for beginners and pros alike. Whether it’s Yoga Pilates fusion, Bikram or Power Yoga, a heated environment can make your practice more challenging and rewarding. Here are three of the best local yoga studios that offer hot yoga classes. 

Now Power Yoga

Now Power Yoga instructor Susan Hauser motivates her morning Power Yoga class while holding boat pose.

Located in Corte Madera, Now Power Yoga offers the perfect combination of strength training and dynamic stretching in a room heated to 100 degrees. The studio welcomes yogis of all levels, and its experienced and supportive instructors provide a variety of modifications and challenging poses that will make you sweat! I took the Power Yoga class with Susan Hauser which is an hour-long full-body workout. This class rejuvenates the mind, body and soul through an array of movements from warrior cycles to vinyasa flows, all connected through guided breathwork. Like many of the other instructors at Now Power Yoga, Hauser is empowering and motivating, taking the time to make sure each of her students get the full benefit of the class. Her upbeat playlist energizes the room and creates a fun, light-hearted atmosphere. After 55 minutes of pushing your limits, the final savasana feels like a satisfying release. You then spend the final minutes of class setting an intention for the rest of your day as you lay on your mat, listening to meditative music with the lights off. 

Red Dragon Yoga 

Centrally located on fourth street in San Rafael, Red Dragon Yoga is the perfect place to get a workout in at any time of the day.

It’s hard to beat the positive energy and strong sense of community at Red Dragon Yoga. With locations in San Rafael and in Mill Valley, the studio offers a variety of class types including Power, Flow & Chill and Bikram Yoga. I took the Hot Pilates High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class with Heidi James, which seamlessly blends yoga, pilates and HIIT, all in a room heated to 105 degrees. Be prepared for a 45-minute, fun and sweaty workout to loud music! The class focuses on isolating each part of the body, beginning with glute exercises and ending with a core burnout. James is the heart of the class, with an energetic persona that motivates everyone in the room. She gives excellent cues to advance or modify each exercise and completes the entire workout with her class, inspiring each member to push their limits. This is the perfect workout to learn the foundations of pilates and HIIT as you advance and progress your yoga practice. 

Hot Yoga Republic

Balancing in standing bow pose, Hot Yoga Republic instructor Faye Wylder demonstrates her skillset after teaching Bikram.

Located in San Rafael, Hot Yoga Republic’s Bikram yoga class taught by Faye Wylder is like nothing I have ever experienced before. This 90-minute class requires both physical and mental strength as you flow through a cycle of 26 poses in a room heated to 105 degrees. This silent and tranquil environment is perfect for reflection and meditation. Students become in tune with themselves and their bodies as they stretch and bend in all directions, focusing on balance, breathing and patience. Wylder’s teaching style is calming and empowering, as she encourages her students to achieve what they didn’t think was possible. Not only will Bikram yoga help your body detoxify and relieve stress, but it will also allow you to increase your physical strength and stamina. You’ll leave the class drenched in sweat, feeling refreshed and clear-headed. 

Now Power Yoga, Red Dragon Yoga and Hot Yoga Republic offer a wide variety of class types that will satisfy your every need, from meditative breathwork to fast-paced workouts. Whether it’s your first time taking a yoga class or you are an advanced yogi, check out these local hot yoga studios. They will take your practice to new levels!