Taking a Mom-ment to appreciate our mothers

This Mothers’ Day, Bark asked Redwood students, “What do you appreciate most about your mom?” in order to spread positivity after a devastating year and to remind students about the importance of recognizing the motherly figures in their lives. 

Although every quality is worthy of recognition, many students found that they are most appreciative of their mother’s work ethic and personal drive. Junior Hannah Jones highlights the importance of this quality by acknowledging how her mom supports her. 

“[She] always pushes me to be my best in everything I do,” Jones said. 

Similarly, senior Jessica Glennon also looks to her mother as a role model and admires her work ethic. Glennon acknowledges her mother’s drive in achieving the goals she has set for herself and appreciates how it translates into all aspects of her life. 

“She’s the hardest working person I know,” Glennon said. “When I see my mom [working towards her goals] in her personal life and her career life, that always inspires me.” 

Junior Campbell Willat shares this admiration for his mom’s persistence. 

“[I admire] her work ethic and how hard she works at her job. How much she puts into our family is remarkable and I appreciate all that she has taught me,” Willat said. 

While many admire their mothers’ work ethic and perseverance, other students shed light upon their mothers’ ability to make them smile during tough days and their willingness to help whenever guidance is needed. Freshman Julia Sigel acknowledges her mother’s lighthearted attitude and appreciates the way her mother can cheer her up after a long day. 

“She can always make me laugh or bring me up when I’m sad,” Sigel said. “Even if it’s like sitting in the car after school and I’m tired, she’ll just turn up the music, sing with me and make me feel a lot better about everything.”

Junior Noah Ong Bamola praises his mother on her attentiveness to stressors in his life and eagerness to assist him in his extracurricular activities. 

“She always puts our family first. She’s always there to run lines with me or help me with homework or help me with vocab terms,” Ong Bamola said.

Though there have been ups and downs during the pandemic, families sheltering in place has allowed for many students to spend more time with their mothers. Mother’s Day gives us an excuse to celebrate all of the amazing things our moms do for us, but it is important to show this appreciation towards our mothers all year long!