The several styles of Marin mountain bikers

Sterling Lazarus and Will Baker

Mountain biking has been a staple in Marin’s outdoor culture since the sport’s invention in the county in 1978. Mountain biking allows for the vast open space in Marin to be explored by thousands and has fostered a community of riders ranging from cross country racers on Redwood’s team like Beau Detels, Henrik Brockman and Max Kosorukov, to downhill riders like Solomon Fragakis and Nick Gehrman.

Cross country biking for Redwood’s team relies on a steady regimen of riding grueling fire roads and technical singletrack at the nearby Tamarancho. The translation of tough climbs and quick, flowing singletrack riding to the competitive environment in the Norcal High School Cycling League draws riders to the team. 

As with cross country riders, the downhill bikers at Redwood spend hours on local trails. However, these bikers freeride through rugged singletrack sections and find themselves launching up off of mounds of dirt with stylish flair.

The accessibility of mountain biking in Marin allows riders the ability to immerse themselves in Marin’s natural landscape, from winding trails through redwoods and oaks to encounters with local bobcats. An affinity for nature and the adventurous aspect of mountain biking unites the riders across their separate biking disciplines.