Lunchtime volleyball tradition turns 18

Tyler Macdonald

Sophomore Cole Donnelly strikes the ball as his teammate looks on. The lunchtime tradition is in its 18th consecutive year.

For 18 consecutive years, physical education teacher, Mike Dibley, has turned the South Lawn into a highly competitive volleyball arena.

As Fenway is to baseball, so, too, is the Lawn to volleyball when 16 teams meet in the tournament hosted by Dibley.

The idea was born during Dibley’s first year as a Redwood teacher, when he requested three nets for use mainly by PE classes, but also by what Dibley thought would be a few interested students at lunch.

However, a large enough group showed up to play that a small tournament was formed, starting a tradition that has continued on each year.

“In the last couple years, we’ve had as much interest as ever,” Dibley said.  “Before every student here was born, I was doing this at lunch.”

Freshman Henry Hood participates in a lunchtime volleyball match.