Amidst COVID-19 setbacks, seniors finish application season

Caroline Scharf

Applying to college is a stressful period for any student in their senior year, and applying during a pandemic is not an average high school experience. When the Tamalpais Union High School District announced a two-week break from school on March 13, the class of 2021 was not expecting to endure the college application process in isolation. However, despite the obstacles placed before students, application season continued and students overcame many of the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Seniors Alex Shayeb, Joe Van Dorsten and Tali Callan recall the expectations of the college admissions process versus the reality that came with COVID-19. Shayeb explains the process of having to decide between pursuing drama or golf as he found his sports recruitments for golf canceled. Van Dorsten explains the feeling of uncertainty of applying to college as neither students nor faculty were sure of the future. 

However, while COVID-19 and stay at home mandates limited the opportunities of students during the college process, Callan, Shayeb and Van Dorsten found themselves able to find success in the process. Callan found that submitting college applications in an isolated setting had its benefits, especially when it came to the lack of peer pressure and the ability to go test-optional. 

The class of 2021 endured an admissions process unlike any other due to the effects of COVID-19. While the pandemic has left many facets of life uncertain, students have been able to send in their applications and look forward to the next four years of their education.