Sophomore Jon Law’s YouTube channel sprints to success

Charlotte DeForrest

In September 2017, Tamiscal sophomore Jon Law shot a video on his mom’s iPhone 6 of himself doing a home workout and uploaded it to YouTube. Now, over three years later, he has created a successful YouTube channel, which aims to inspire viewers to achieve their fitness goals, and has become a successful businessman, selling books and investing in stocks. 

“When I was 12 years old, I was posting gaming videos on YouTube. I think we all went through that phase of wanting to be the YouTuber influencer, but it wasn’t working very well. So I posted a workout and that video got more than 10,000 views,” Jon said.In that first video Jon uploaded, he performed 110 pull-ups and 33 handstand push-ups. Since 2017, the video has accumulated over 13,000 views. The positive feedback Jon received on his first video gave him confidence and encouraged him to continue posting videos and pursuing his goals.

“More than 10,000 views, that is a lot of engagement. [Afterwards] I kept that [momentum] going and then I began to expand onto other platforms,” Jon said. “I’m multifaceted in the sense of interests and pursuits.”

Today Jon’s channel, Jon Law Fitness, has over 2,000 subscribers. He posts workout-related videos several times a month, many of which involve fitness challenges where he does a certain number of exercises every day for a month. Recently, he completed 1,000 squats a day for a month and in the past, has also performed 500 pull-ups and successfully passed the WWII physical fitness test. 

Jon runs a successful Instagram account with the handle @JonLawFitness to go along with his YouTube channel and has accumulated over 16,000 followers. In addition, he has written a total of three books, including one about stock market investing for teens, which he is most
proud of. Recently, Jon started a business selling solar-powered portable chargers online with his friend and classmate, Jack Jacobs.

Jacobs believes Jon has been successful in pursuing his interests because he is curious, dedicated and proactive.

“Jon’s not sitting around saying, ‘Oh, I have these goals,’ he’s actually acting on them. He’s been posting for years on all these accounts. He wrote a book. He wasn’t being forced to do all that. He took this on voluntarily, in a constructive way, to work towards a meaningful goal,” Jacobs said. 

Jon’s YouTube channel, Jon Law Fitness, aims to inspire and teach people to exercise an maintain a healthy lifestyle.

While many students may think that the fitness challenges would be the hardest part for Jon, he believes that the most difficult part of social media is producing the video and coming up with unique content for his accounts. 

“The hardest part is just the creative side of [social media], as in, having to think of ideas, having to plan out what I’m going to say and shooting scenes. That takes more time and is more difficult than any other part of it. It’s been three or four years now, and every few months I’ll make some sort of upgrade, a new camera, a new setup, something just like that,” Jon said. “As things have expanded, [progress has] been more of a priority as opposed to just being fine with what I have.”

Even though learning new technology has been difficult, Jon has come a long way since his first video, which involved basic technology and no editing. To Jon, each time he makes an improvement to his video production, he takes one step closer to accomplishing his goal of reaching a wider audience and inspiring his viewers.

“I just hope [my viewers] decide to take action and do something that pushes them. [I hope] that they get out and do something new, just to see what they can do and hopefully enjoy that process,” Jon said.

Jon’s mother, Beth Law, thinks that when viewers see Jon attempting such difficult fitness challenges, it makes them believe that they can tackle and achieve their own goals. 

“I love how motivating [the channel] is. My mom and dad watch, and they’re 80 years old. My mom started doing squats because Jon did the thousand squats a day challenge, and I started doing squats as well,” Beth said. “The comments that I get are really nice when people call me and say how motivating [watching him] do these things is.”

Even though Jon has been able to influence and motivate many people in the past few years, he hopes to grow his social media platform to reach a wider audience and inspire more viewers in the future. 

“Social media is a marathon, not a sprint,” Jon said. “It’s really just about keeping it up, doing consistent work and just seeing where that naturally can take me in the next few years.”