Satire: Happy Valentine’s Day love COVID-19

The time of year for boxes of chocolates, bouquets of roses, rom coms and romantic couples has arrived again, and guess what, you finally have a significant other to celebrate with. I know, shocking! It’s your first time in a relationship on Valentine’s day, but the catch is, it’s also your first Valentine’s Day during a pandemic. It’s no issue though; you can still plan a fun-filled, romantic day despite COVID-19 restrictions. 

You can’t go out to classy indoor dinners, but there’s always takeout. Then you and your partner don’t even need to awkwardly argue about where to eat and instead can order from multiple places. Forget the elegant table settings and extravagant dishes, nothing says “I love you” like the simplicity of plastic utensils and paper plates. 

As we all know, it’s best to be outside to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This means picnics are always a safe date activity, especially in the freezing, or correction, breezy February air. You might both be shivering, though, so good luck trying to take home one of your partner’s sweatshirts. Rainstorms may be on the forecast too but just think of all those romantic movies where the main characters kiss as rain pours down on them. Actually scratch that idea. Well, unless you would like to attempt kissing while wearing your masks. Maybe hand-holding while wearing plastic gloves is a safer move. 

Outdoor movie nights are another entertaining idea. Just purchase a few extension cords and drag the TV out to the backyard. Again, it might be a little brisk, so I would say cuddle together for warmth, but you have to keep that 6-foot distance. Not to mention, your entire family is probably going to be home with you to prevent getting exposed to the virus. Nothing says intimacy like parents and siblings hovering around. But the more the merrier right? That is to say, as long as it doesn’t include more than three households.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous maybe go on a drive around Marin. Make sure the windows are down to keep fresh air flowing in the enclosed space. Hopefully, the highway provides a little calming white noise and doesn’t distract from the pleasant experience. As you drive you can have an in-depth conversation on the topic of, you guessed it, COVID-19 vaccination distribution! 

If that ruins the mood you can jam out to some music instead. Maybe even get out of the car and have a dance party, adding in some slow dancing too to bring that romance. But keep in mind, what once was “Leave space for Jesus” is now “Leave space for no virus.” Even 6-feet apart, you will have never felt closer.

It seems like this year’s Valentine’s Day date options are limited and it’s understandably difficult to find romance amidst the regulations. But it’s not like the Capulets and Montagues are what’s keeping you apart. It has only been a year of living in a pandemic and not decades of family feuds. Nevertheless, the experience of Valentine’s Day during COVID-19 does shed new light on Shakespeare’s famous quote from the lovestruck Romeo to Juliet, “Thus with a kiss I die.”