Peers share their resolutions for the New Year

PJ Pfeiffer

It is a new year, and that means new resolutions for many people. Resolutions vary between each person, whether they are going to the gym once a day or meditating for twenty minutes in the morning. Three students excited to accomplish their goals for this year are senior Lindsay Felder, sophomore Austin Diaz and freshman Peter Dachtler.

This year, Felder’s resolutions are to make her bed every morning before school, read a book every two weeks and walk 10,000 steps every day. Diaz plans to improve his cooking skills, take better care of his mental health, and gain more confidence. Dachtler wants to stop procrastinating and have fewer distractions while doing work. 

Felder will make her bed every day for her resolution because it is a small way to start the day being productive. She says it will also help her build repetition and good habits throughout the year. 

“I tried to pick relatively small resolutions, so it’s repetition …. I work really well when I accomplish small tasks early in the morning,” Felder said.

Diaz believes that it is important to have mental stability and knowledge about cooking before going to college. 

“I think being able to make a meal that looks good and that is really tasty is such an amazing talent and doesn’t get enough recognition,” Daiz said. 

Dachtler chose his resolutions because overcoming procrastination and limiting distractions is essential to his academic success. 

“I feel like if I can compact my [time and energy] into a smaller area and be more efficient with it for both projects and busywork, I will be able to have more fun in my life,” Dachtler said. 

All three of these students believe their resolutions will be challenging along the way, but overall beneficial. May Felder, Diaz, Dachtler and everyone else have good luck this year with their resolutions!