Avoid the holiday hassle with 13 gifts under $30

Sydney Liebhauser, Video editor

Every holiday season, a familiar, haunting chill coasts through the homes of teenagers knowing the pressure they are about to face. The holiday hassle: a struggle so many people have to face, year after year. The holidays don’t just mean baking cookies and spending time with loved ones; it also includes the chaos of emptying our wallets on overpriced gifts that friends and family might not even use. 

As the holidays approach, social media often tries to be helpful. Tiktok now claims to be #giftok with hundreds of gift idea videos and the Snapchat explore page is flooded with holiday suggestions. But teens are either overwhelmed or don’t know how to tell if the gift-tip is a brand deal or a scam. 

Fear no more! There will be no stress of the holiday hassle this season because here is a simplified, non-basic and accessible holiday gift list for teens, all under $30.

  1. Terrarium candle – $25

Created by highly regarded candle designer Zoe Tang, these heavenly smelling candles are adorable, aesthetically pleasing and make the perfect gift. The fragrances of these candles include pine, vanilla, jasmine and white tea.  

  1. Carhartt beanie – $16.99

Whether you’re shopping for a boyfriend or little sister, a Carhartt beanie makes a superb gift. At only $16.99, Carhartt beanies look good on anyone and are great to wear in the winter weather. They also come in many different colors and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect one for someone special.

  1. Charging station – $24.12

In the era of gadgets, we are constantly on our devices and losing battery power, but buying the Wimo charging dock allows you to charge your smartphone, watch, and earphones in no time! The charging dock is portable, time efficient and leaves you wanting to buy it for yourself!

  1. Therapy dough – $14.99

Through these stressful times, a perfect gift to help replenish and rejuvenate your friends or family’s skin is the Pinch Me therapy dough. The Pinch Me dough is known to channel relief through the senses naturally, just by squeezing it. This professionally developed, soft, pliable dough is infused with calming aromatherapy to relieve stress naturally. It comes in 13 different colors all under $15.

  1. Time capsule letter book – $13.46

 This paper time capsule is the prime gift for those looking to read back and reflect on their life. Each book is composed of prompted letters to fill with favorite memories and words of wisdom and over two million copies have been sold worldwide throughout the series! At the low price of only 13.46, the paper time capsule leaves room in the budget to spend more on whoever you are buying for.

  1. Indoor desert grow kit – $19.00

This interactive and adorable gift allows you to grow your choice of cactus, bonsai or aloe from seeds. This is great for people with experience growing plants, but it also makes for an extraordinary gift for new plant owners because cacti require very little maintenance.

  1. Tiny planetarium – $11.66

Another interactive gift to add to your list is this tiny planetarium! It comes with a mini constellation projector and illustrated book describing the mythology and lore behind each constellation. It’s also portable, so you can take the constellations with you everywhere!

  1. Disposable camera – $14.99

Disposable cameras are trending for a reason! This gift is wonderful to take on adventures without electronics. Using a disposable camera often adds an element of mystery too – waiting to see how the photos turn out is a thrill in itself. 

  1. Personalized magnets – $20.00

The best kind of gift is personal. Spread the love to your friends, family or significant other by heading to Pops and customizing 3D magnets with any photos you choose. All you have to do is head to their website and upload your photos to get five personalized magnets for only $20.

  1. Kiehl’s starter kit – $25.00

Skincare is for anyone and everyone. That’s why purchasing Kiehl’s starter kit is a splendid idea for gifting. Kiehl’s is a high end skincare and cosmetics brand retailer that specializes in skin, hair, and body care products and they are known for having a large male clientele base. Kiehls’ simple and straightforward packaging justifies their intent of making skincare gender neutral. While most of Kiehl’s skincare is quite expensive, their starter kits are only $25.00. 

  1. 11. Snail soap dispenser – $22.99

This adorable snail soap dispenser makes a very appropriate gift this year especially when it comes to combating COVID-19! Making hand-washing fun, it’s a great addition to the bathroom or kitchen and can also be used as a hand sanitizer dispenser.

  1. LED shower head – $25.98

Another gift to make hygiene more fun are these LED shower head lights. With quick and easy installation, the led lights are water pressure powered and they even change colors by themselves. All you need to do is turn on the water!

13.Tortilla blanket – $22.99

Blankets of any kind make marvelous gifts during the holidays, not only because they create warmth when the weather is cold, but because they are great decorations and there are so many options to choose from. While a blanket is a common gift, the tortilla blanket is far from basic. Hilarious and cozy at the same, this gift will not disappoint.

The holiday season is supposed to be jolly, so you should be too! Spreading love is the most important part, and these gifts are just one way to show your love without having to empty your wallet. So sit back, relax, open your laptop and enjoy the rest of 2020 without any sign of the holiday hassle. Happy shopping!