Face to Face: How early is too early to celebrate Christmas?

Audrey Lightfoot

Face-to-Face is a feature that allows two members of the Redwood community to debate with each other, argue or simply converse a relevant issue or event. We provide the topic, and they do the rest. This month’s participants are seniors Dalya Byrnes and Parker Fritts, discussing the topic of how early is too early to start celebrating Christmas.

When do you think the holiday season should start being celebrated?

Dalya Byrnes: I think that Christmas should start being celebrated as early as Nov. 1 because the holiday season is a limited time. People enjoy the holidays because it’s a nice, warm atmosphere. Also, all the stores and TV channels start preparing for Christmas in November. Even though Thanksgiving is approaching, the holiday vibe is conjoint. You can celebrate Christmas early, then celebrate Thanksgiving, then go back to celebrating Christmas.

Parker Fritts: I think you should start celebrating Christmas Dec. 1 at the earliest because many people equate December as the Christmas month. I think the holiday season really starts right after Thanksgiving. Many of the holidays in the holiday season are related to religion, including Christmas, and that goes in the December month area. Also many places, it doesn’t start snowing until around December. So, I think a Christmas spirit is not really shown unless people try to force it on you, like commercials.  


When do you start participating in holiday festivities?

DB: I decorate on Nov. 1. Not only because I like putting up my tree and decorating my room, but also [I enjoy the] music. It’s a good way to start preparing because you are learning all the songs. [Decorating] makes a better atmosphere because there is literally no negative side to celebrating early for the holidays. [The holiday time] is all just good, positivity. 

PF: I start celebrating Christmas around Dec. 20. I have never put up a tree in my house [because] we always go to my family’s house for Christmas and they have a really big tree. My family is mostly Jewish so we don’t celebrate Christmas with our whole family anyway. So, we drive to Las Vegas every year and we celebrate Christmas with my cousins in their house. That usually starts when we get out of school for break.


Do you think that Christmas time is the best time of the year?

DB: Yes. Without a doubt. The candy, food, decorations, music, warm atmosphere, cold weather, sweatshirts, everything. There is nothing bad about [Christmas time]. 

PF: No, by far not. Summer is far superior to winter. The only things winter really has going for it are snow and skiing. Otherwise, summer has everything. There is no school. You are stress free. You can do whatever you want. My birthday is also in [summer], which is very important. Everybody is happy and healthy. No one is sick and staying out of school. It’s not raining so you can go outside. It’s way better. 


What are the best ways you celebrate the Christmas/holiday season?

DB: My family lives on the East coast, so I always get to [celebrate the holidays] where there’s snow. My birthday is also on Christmas so I get to celebrate my birthday and Christmas [on the same day]. My family always does a Secret Santa and it is super fun. I only get to see my family once a year so going to see them and spending time with them [during Christmas] is the highlight of my year. 

PF: I go to Las Vegas and celebrate Christmas with my family there. We always get up early and open presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Then we go watch whatever movie is out in the theaters. It is always really fun. And they always have the fireplace on, which is really nice. We decorate the tree right when we first get there, and my aunt makes a lot of really good cookies that we eat all the time.