It is just the vegan-ning! Try out a few of these local vegan-friendly restaurants


Now, more than ever, teens and adults alike are forgoing animal products in exchange for a vegan diet. Whether for the purpose of seeking a healthier lifestyle or protecting animal welfare and the environment, veganism is here to stay. In light of this increasingly popular diet, many local eateries in Marin County have begun offering plant-based meats and protein options for their vegan customers. Here are three great local restaurants that cater to vegan tastes. 


Tossing a tasty mix of fresh veggies and flavorful taco seasoning, Veggie Grill’s Catalina Taco Salad delights.

Veggie Grill 

Located in Corte Madera’s Town Center, Veggie Grill is a quick and casual vegan restaurant chain. This location offers a wide variety of healthy, plant-based menu options ranging from farm bowls to vegan burgers. The restaurant has a modern, welcoming environment with green-themed decor representative of its plant-based cuisine. Patrons can choose between eating in the limited seating indoors, the outdoor seating or picking up for takeout. I ordered the Catalina Taco Salad ($10.75), which included a blend of achiote crumbles, lettuce mix, cabbage, tomato corn salsa, ranchero beans, jicama and avocado all tossed in Catalina dressing. The dressing, reminiscent of a classic taco seasoning, added a creamy texture to the salad with hints of sweet tomato flavor. The lettuce was fresh and crisp while the vegetables were well seasoned with a flavorful Southwestern marinade. Although the salad was delicious, the plastic container it was served in did not seem eco-friendly, especially for a plant-based restaurant. While the meal appeared a bit pricey when I ordered, the portions were substantial and reflected the cost. If you crave a fast, filling and healthy meal, put Veggie Grill on your list. 



Urban Remedy’s Organic Glow Juice is a refreshing must-try, but you can skip the bland and bitter Summer Rolls.

Urban Remedy

Located midway down Magnolia Street in downtown Larkspur, Urban Remedy is the perfect place to refuel or rehydrate after working out at the Larkspur stairs or returning from a hike in Baltimore Canyon. Urban Remedy is organic, vegan and gluten-free, and it is known for its fresh, cold-pressed juices. The shop has a bright, colorful and cheerful atmosphere, reflected in both the demeanor of the staff and food displays. With limited capacity, the establishment felt clean and COVID-19-safe. Customers were asked to place their orders at the counter rather than reaching into the cold cases. I ordered the Summer Rolls ($9.50) and Organic Glow cold-pressed juice ($7.99). Normally, you cannot go wrong with Urban Remedy’s cold case meals and snacks, but the Summer Rolls were disappointing. The two vibrantly colored rolls were supposed to have been filled with seasonal vegetables, but mine were mostly stuffed with dry, leafy greens between an occasional carrot shred or yam sliver. The spicy jalapeno ginger sauce for dipping did not compliment the bitter flavor of the rolls either. That being said, the Organic Glow juice was refreshing and hydrating. A blend of celery, kale, lemon, cayenne and cucumber among other greens quenched my thirst while providing an abundance of antioxidants and nutrients. Although expensive, if you need a quick pick-me-up, Urban Remedy’s Organic Glow Juice is sure to please! But if you are in need of a flavorful snack or meal, stick to the salads. 


You won’t be disappointed by Cafe Del Sol’s cheerful atmosphere and tantalizing Sun Salutation Wrap.

Cafe Del Sol 

Located in Mill Valley just across the street from the Proof Lab Surf Shop at Tam Junction Valley, Cafe Del Sol is worth going back to again and again! Although this homey cafe does serve animal products such as cheese and chicken, it has a wide variety of menu options to please vegan customers as well. Fairly well hidden, the restaurant is uncrowded and well kept. The hospitable staff went out of their way to make me feel welcome, cared for and safe from the moment I first walked into the room. The indoor ordering capacity was limited to four customers at a time and finished orders were carefully packaged and brought to the front door. The menu had a variety of items from wraps and nachos to organic smoothies and juices. I ordered the simple but satisfying Sun Salutation Wrap ($7.35). The combination of fresh red leaf lettuce, tomato and avocado tossed in a citrus cumin vinaigrette was served in a wheat tortilla and was absolutely delicious! I ordered my wrap with cheese, but this is optional and can be removed for vegan customers. There is also an option to add tofu for a plant-based source of protein. Next time you are in the area, consider stopping by Cafe Del Sol, as it may become one of your new favorite destinations!